Why the FBI’s Infowars-Russia Investigation is Completely Ludicrous

Paul Joseph Watson | March 21, 2017
If the FBI really wants to find out who interfered in the election, they should investigate Google, Facebook & Twitter

The revelation that the FBI is investigating whether Infowars assisted in helping Russian operatives as part of a secret cyber operation to help Donald Trump win the presidency is the ludicrous culmination of four months of wall to wall leftist hysteria about Moscow “hacking” the election.

Federal investigators will probe whether Russian operatives created bots to blitz social media with pro-Trump stories that harmed Hillary Clinton’s campaign, including links from Infowars, RT, and Breitbart.

“Investigators examining the bot attacks are exploring whether the far-right news operations took any actions to assist Russia’s operatives. Their participation, however, wasn’t necessary for the bots to amplify their news through Twitter and Facebook,” reports McClatchy.

Having failed to stymie our accelerating growth for over a decade, long before “Russian hacking” or “fake news” was even a thing, this partisan investigation is a transparent attempt to silence and censor Infowars by ludicrously impugning us as a conduit for Kremlin propaganda.

It’s also incredibly ironic given that the only evidence of tech outfits interfering in the election to deliberately help a certain candidate implicates Google, Facebook and Twitter in manipulating their own algorithms to aid Hillary Clinton.

As we’ve seen from the establishment’s fake news narrative, this is nothing less than a ruse to try to ban legitimate news coverage and dissenting opinion, despite a Stanford University study which found that fake news had no impact on the outcome of the presidential election and if anything benefited Hillary Clinton.

By declaring Infowars to be little more than a front for Russian bots, with no evidence whatsoever, this provides Facebook, YouTube and Twitter a pretext with which to ban and censor our content.

In reality, it’s these very companies, cheered on by the left, that used techniques not too dissimilar to the claims about Russian bots to game their own algorithms in a desperate attempt to boost Hillary Clinton’s chances.

Two months before the election, psychologist Robert Epstein and SourceFeed’s Matt Lieberman both exposed how Google was manipulating search results in relation to Hillary Clinton to ensure “autocomplete suggestions were biased in favour of Clinton”.

Typing in “Hillary Clinton is” to Google only returned positive suggested results, whereas when users searched identical terms in other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo, the first results suggested were things like, “Hillary Clinton is a liar,” or “Hillary Clinton is a criminal”.

This manipulation had the power to “shift as many as 3 million votes,” according to Epstein.

Wikileaks emails also revealed that John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, sought to have “discreet conversations” with the likes of Apple, Facebook and Google.

Other emails reveal that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wanted to meet with the Clinton campaign, while Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg did meet with Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills in 2015.

In May 2016, it was reported that Facebook ordered its staff to suppress stories deemed of interest or beneficial to conservatives by manipulating its “trending” section to block them out.

Facebook staff also told Gizmodo that they were instructed to artificially “inject” subjects into the trending section that were not organically trending.

Twitter was also doing its best to bury negative information about Hillary. In February 2016, Vocative revealed how the company was censoring hashtags that made the Democratic candidate look bad.

The hashtags #WhichHillary and #WhichHillaryCensored were removed from Twitter’s trends list despite being considerably more active than other hashtags that were allowed to trend.

The mainstream media’s constant barrage of fake news which suggested Hillary was anything up to 98% certain to win the presidency was also a deliberate attempt to manipulate Trump supporters by convincing them their vote was worthless.

All of these examples of tech companies deliberately gaming their algorithms to help Hillary are documented, whereas conspiracy theories about Infowars working with Russian bots are backed up by nothing but hot air.

We are being accused, with zero evidence, of the exact kind of manipulation that Facebook, Google & Twitter oversaw to help Hillary.

It’s also worth remembering that the ‘Russian bots control Infowars’ conspiracy originated from Louise Mensch, who also thinks Putin had Breitbart murdered and was exposed in the Wikileaks release of John Podesta’s emails as being a Hillary Clinton sycophant.

If the FBI really wants to get to the bottom of who interfered in the election – we suggest they start by investigating Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The only interference Infowars had in the election is to make the better arguments – for that we are guilty as charged.

Unfortunately for the left, their obsession with baseless, paranoid delusions about vast Russian conspiracies will continue to hinder any kind of real examination as to why they lost – and that can only be a good thing for conservatives.

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