Israel nukes Yemen for Saudi Arabia

VT | 21 May 2015

Theory: neutron bomb dropped by IAF plane with Saudi markings…



A video received from Yemen, believed to be taken May 20, 2015, of an explosion, when analyzed by nuclear weapons experts is, by very high probability, a neutron bomb that could only have been an Israeli attack.  The analysis:

A. Its not a conventional 2k lb bomb. It’s much bigger.

B. Its either a very large MOAB bigger than 4,000 lbs. or; ???? Max weight for an F-15 / 16 is about 2,000 lb payload per bomb rack making the deployment of a MOAB impossible.

C. Its appears to be a small neutron bomb. The size, color, lightning effect and duration of the fire ball being suspended in mid air and the very large mushroom cloud is the main give away. The CCD cameras imaging device was “scintillating” (detecting Neutrons) That is the white pixel flashes in the video. When the photo has white pixel flashes in it, that is because it is being hit by neutrons from the nuclear fireball blast. It overloads the ccd’s electronic circuit producing white flashes.

If the radiation is too high it will burn out the chip. They ha big problems with this in Japan with the Fukushima robots cameras failing due to very high radiation counts.

D. Delivery is most likely by an IDF F-16 with a Saudi paint job on the plane. They are not even hiding their use anymore, they just don’t publicly admit it and the IAEA does nothing or says nothing. That is the true war crime. The UN just ignores it unless the US, France or GB complains…….. Russia and China say nothing.

E. This is now the second known use of nukes in Yemen by Saudi Arabia…………..

Jeff Smith is a nuclear physicist and former IAEA inspector.

One thought on “Israel nukes Yemen for Saudi Arabia

  1. This is not a nuclear device. THIS is a nuclear explosion:

    The video I just linked is a 15kt explosion. Once of the smallest nuclear devices ever produced. The artifacts you see in the video of this article, are NOT from radiation. They’re from the camera’s CCD adjusting to the sudden overexposure to the light. IF this had been a nuke, or a neutron bomb, due to the the proximity of the blast, the camera person would not have survived. Neither would have the camera.

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