11 “Hijackers” Trained on U.S. Military Bases

Infowars | 24 Feb 2007

In original reports (i.e., not simply going off the reports of other news agencies) by Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Associated Press, and Gannett News Service, the below accused 9/11 hijackers have been named as having trained at U.S. military bases:

  • Saeed Alghamdi (United Airlines 93)
  • Ahmed Alnami (United Airlines 93)
  • Ahmed Alghamdi (United Airlines 175)
  • Hamza Alghamdi (United Airlines 175)
  • Mohamed Atta (American Airlines 11)
  • Abdulaziz Alomari (American Airlines 11)

Below are some of the details from said reports:

  • Pensacola Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida: Newsweek reported that a high-ranking U.S. Navy source said that Saeed Alghamdi, Ahmad Alnami (both United Airlines 93) and Ahmed Alghamdi (United Airlines 175) listed their legal residences at 10 Radford Boulevard, a base roadway on which residences for foreign-military flight trainees are located. Saeed Alghamdi listed the address on two different car registrations. Ahmad Alnami and Ahmed Alghamdi listed the address on their driver licenses. The Washington Post reported that Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmed Alghamdi attended. The Washington Post further reported that Ahmed Alnami and Hamza Alghamdi (United Airlines 175) listed their legal residence at the same address.
  • Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas: Newsweek reported that a high-ranking Pentagon official said one of the named hijackers attended. The Washington Post reported that Saeed Alghamdi (United Airlines 93) graduated from the Defense Language Institute English Language Center at the base. The Los Angeles Times reported that a defense official said two of the hijackers were former Saudi fighter pilots who had attended.
  • Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama: Newsweek reported that a high-ranking Pentagon official said one of the named hijackers attended the Air War College. The Washington Post reported that Mohamed Atta (American Airlines 11) graduated from the International Officers School. Gannett News Service reported that Air Force spokesman Col. Ken McClellan said that Mohammed Atta attended the International Officer’s School. The Los Angeles Times reported that a defense official said two of the hijackers were former Saudi fighter pilots who had attended the Air War College.
  • The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center at the Presidio of Monterey in Monterey, California: the New York Times and Gannett News Service reported that Saeed Alghamdi (United Airlines 93) attended.
  • USAF School of Aerospace Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas: The Washington Post reported that Abdulaziz Alomari (American Airlines 11) graduated from the school. Gannett News Service reported that Abdulaziz Alomari attended.

U.S. government officals later claimed that these individuals who trained on these U.S. military bases were probably different people from the hijackers with the same names (even though high-level anonymous U.S. military sources told these various news agencies with certainty that these were the same individuals as the named hijackers). It was also vaguely stated that some of the biographical details didn’t match exactly for some of the named individuals, although the U.S. government has never specified the differences or offered any evidence of these claims. Notably, none of these named U.S. military trainees have ever come forward to clear up the association of their names with those of the purported hijackers, and the U.S. government refuses to release any information about these supposedly differrent individuals.

It’s as if none of these supposedly different individuals with the same names even exist. That doesn’t make any sense, unless they are not different individuals from the named hijackers, in which case even if they were still alive they wouldn’t likely be eager to come forward, nor would the U.S. government be eager to present details as to where they can be found.

Below are the articles referred to in the above:

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Further Documentation

For more documentation on the purported hijackers which clearly demonstrates that they were not Muslim extremists but did cocaine, hired prostitutes, drank alcohol, partied hard, etc., see the below post by me. It also gets into the fact that the supposed hijackers obviously knew that they had protection from the highest levels of the U.S. government and repeatedly went out of their way to draw attention to themselves as crazed, potential terrorists, as if to build a “legend” back-story. Additionally covered is the fact that the many FBI agents attempting to investigate these supposed hijackers were repeatedly and consistently blocked and ordered not to investigate these supposed hijackers, despite forceful protestations from said FBI agents that terrorist attacks were going to happen.

The below post by me contains the November 10, 2003 article “September 11–Islamic Jihad or Another Northwoods?” by Tim Howells, Ph.D., which is a very good, short introduction to just some of the more damning mainstream major media articles and U.S. government primary documentation which proves up one side and down the other that the 9/11 attacks and the following anthrax attacks were a Hegelian dialectical PsyOp staged by the U.S. government as a pretext in order to obtain more power and control. I append my own additional endnotes at the conclusion of Dr. Howells’ article, in order to add further mainstream documentation.

For much, much more hardcore documentation on government-staged terrorism, see my below post:

The above post by me gets into the September 1999 Russian apartment building terror-bombing campain staged by the Russian government’s FSB, and also the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, among other exemples of government-staged false-flag terrorism. Indeed, provided therein one can find links to download audio recordings of FBI undercover agent Emad A. Salem in conversation with his FBI handler, Special Agent John Anticev (recorded unbeknownst to him), wherein Salem admits a number of times to building, with supervision from the FBI and the District Attorney of New York, the bomb that exploded in the North Tower (Tower One) of the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993.

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Google Censorship Shenanigans

By the way, Google Groups (Google’s usenet archive) has censored my previous posts of the above “9/11 ‘Hijackers’ Trained on U.S. Military Bases” article by de-indexing it, at least as of early morning February 21, 2007. The only way to get to my previous postings of this article (via the search feature) as of said date is via doing a search on a reply to said posts (and there had been a number of separate postings of it on various relevant newsgroups). (Moreover, I’ve done searches on other people’s postings, as well as past postings of mine. It’s not a random glitch, but rather a targeting of posts which contain the search-terms relevant to my original postings.) Hopefully this present article will put Google on notice to re-index said postings. Previous postings of mine have also been censored by Google, of which postings were only added back after I publicly complained.

Google is closely enmeshed with the U.S. intelligence agencies. Dr. Rick Steinheiser in the Office of Research and Development at the CIA and Matt Cutts of the NSA, to name a few, are employed by Google in high-level positions. As well, Google has been helping the Communist Chinese government in censoring the internet in that country.

Obviously the information I have revealed in, e.g., the above article, is not taken kindly nor lightly by certain echelons of the U.S. government intelligence officialdom. To use a colloquialism said around my locality, “It put the fear into them.” The U.S. government obviously regards the above information as highly damaging to itself, and very much desires that the public didn’t know about it.

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