Exposing the Sham “War on Terror”. The Essential Maps, Videos, and Charts.

Global Research | 2 Dec 2015


logo-al-qaedaImprisoned Al Qaeda Fighters Freed by U.S. Allies to Rejoin Fight Against Assad

By Eric Zuesse, December 02 2015

Some of the world’s top Al Qaeda operatives were freed from a Lebanese prison on Tuesday December 1st, to rejoin the U.S.-led war against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

By South Front, December 02 2015

The Ukrainian armed forces over the past week have redeployed to the contact line with Donbass 277 battle tanks and heavy artillery pieces, spokesman for the DPR Defense Ministry Eduard Basurin reported on Monday.

turkey-isisMaps Reveal Chain of ISIS Oil Smuggling Routes from Syria and Iraq into Turkey. Russian Defense Ministry

By RT, December 02 2015

Russia’s Defense Ministry published images and a map it says reveal a chain of oil smuggling to Turkey from Islamic State – from extraction to refining facilities.

war on terror2The Entire “War on Terror” Has Been a Lie – And These Charts Prove It

By Rebecca Sumner, December 02 2015

We were told long ago that the “war on terror” would make the world a safer place. But after 14 years of permanent warfare, terrorist attacks around the world have escalated by a staggering 6,500%.

turkeyflagimage5Turkey – A Study in Geo-Political Malevolence

By Adeyinka Makinde, December 02 2015

The recent shooting down of a Russian military plane by Turkish air force jets has brought a great deal of media focus on the role of Turkey in the Syrian conflict. Knowledgeable observers of the four year-long civil war have been aware of Turkey’s role from the outset as a conduit for the infiltration of Syrian territory by Islamist militants who have had training camps provided for by the Turkish Army High Command.

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