Pharma-controlled press desperately tried to censor this book, but failed…

Natural News | 30 March 2016

Censored books

Just like Del Bigtree made a dangerous film called “VAXXED,” Dr. Kelly Brogan wrote a dangerous book. How dangerous? So dangerous that the prescription drug cartel in America — you know, Big Pharma — ordered media outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post to blackball the book in the hope that no one would read it.

Natural News has learned that all the major media outlets obediently agreed to censor the book and its author. No reviews — not even negative ones — would be published. No interviews with the author, no TV appearances, no debates, nothing. A literal conspiracy against a book was hatched in secret and militantly followed by the entire media.

The book is called “A Mind of Your Own,” and if you’re wondering what’s so dangerous about it, the book totally exposes the science FRAUD of Big Pharma’s antidepressant drugs. It empowers readers with knowledge they can use to take back their mental health using food, nutrition and natural therapies that don’t earn huge profits for the drug company cartels.

The author, Dr. Kelly Brogan, is giving away the first chapter of the book for free on her website. Click this link to go there now and download the first chapter, and you’ll find out just how “dangerous” this book really is. (Hint: It threatens a $10+ billion drug industry that preys upon the mental health of citizens while keeping them all sick or addicted…)

Click here to get the book on Or get it at Barnes & Noble at this link.

ALSO: Click here to watch my video on “The most censored SCIENCE books you’re not supposed to read,” which covers this book and several others that have been systematically censored by the pharma-controlled establishment.

Exploding in popularity across independent media, bypassing the corrupt, pharma-controlled mainstream media

Now, thanks to the efforts of independent media websites like, the book has become Amazon’s #1 best seller in the “Depression” category and has also achieved a #1 best seller ranking in the category of “Holistic Medicine.”

As GreenMedInfo now reports, “Since then, A Mind Of Your Own soared to #20 in Amazon’s 8.8 million title inventory, selling out within only two days of its March 15th launch date. Then, yesterday, it broke through all three of the top bestselling book lists: USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and #10 on the prestigious NY Times bestsellers list’s most hard to crack category: Advice, How-To, Misc.”

In other words, the very same book that the NY Times and USA Today desperately tried to silence has now broken through the censorship and achieved statistical rankings on their own bestseller lists. (Question: Will the NY Times deny the book its proper ranking and blackball it from the NY Times Bestseller list? They’ve done it before…)

These are all the same media outlets, by the way, that just recently heavily pressured Robert De Niro to censor the “VAXXED” documentary by pulling it from the Tribeca Film Festival. He reluctantly complied with the demands of the media science trolls and vaccine totalitarians, memory holing the documentary and making sure no one gets a chance to see it at the festival.

Media censorship is in full force against all truth: Psych drugs, vaccines, GMOs — you name it!

On all these topics — psychiatric drugs, vaccines and GMOs — the entire mainstream media operates as a pharma mafia censorship goon squad. The media is, of course, funded largely by Big Pharma and biotech agricultural giants like ADM, DuPont and Monsanto. Because so much money flows into the mainstream media from these corporate giants, the corporations literally write the marching order memos for media to follow.

When these corporate giants order the media to censor a book, they censor a book. When they are ordered to attack Robert De Niro, they attack Robert De Niro. And when they order the media to silence Dr. Kelly Brogan and try to make her book a total failure, they follow those orders with absolute obedience (combined with a total disregard for the truth on any of these matters).

The mainstream media actively plots against you, seeking to deny you access to transformative knowledge

Yet more and more citizens all around the world are waking up and realizing that the mainstream media actively plots against you learning anything that’s true about psychiatric drugs, vaccines and GMOs. Vindictive, treacherous, truth-hating rags like specialize in spreading corporate disinfo while pursuing a quasi-journalistic agenda of defaming, slandering and discrediting all who speak out against the holy trinity of poison and death: Big Pharma, Big Biotech and Big Vaccine.

Today we just learned that The Associated Press actively collaborated with the Nazi regime to crush freedom of the press so that AP would get exclusive stories from Adolf Hitler. Also, earlier this week we discovered that a German journalist went public, admitting that everything in the mainstream media is totally FAKED, saying, “We all lie for the CIA.”

Dr. Kelly Brogan likely had no idea how all this worked until she authored her own book. Operating under the belief that the mainstream media was actually interested in sharing information that would help empower and uplift readers, Dr. Brogan was absolutely shocked to discover that her book — and her message — was being systematically silenced and censored by the media.

So just like the VAXXED film — which is now playing in a New York theater beginning this Friday — Dr. Kelly Brogan has bypassed the censorship of the controlled mainstream media and found success through the health activism community.

Click here to get chapter one of her book for FREE right now.

Watch my full video on censored SCIENCE books here:


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