The Global Meltdown Has Begun

by | June 29, 2014


It is now manifestly apparent the ruling elite are moving us into a global economic depression. The signs are everywhere, as Alex notes in this prescient video.

From the militarization of social science to government agencies announcing they plan to brain chip the public, the warning signs of a horrific dystopian future are now on the horizon.

Alex quotes prominent globalists who have predicted an authoritarian future when the Constitution is finally and irrevocably destroyed and generals who have bragged about the emergence of a North American Union, a continent-wide government with a singular and unelected political class and a unified military and police superstructure to enforce the will of a hereditary and corporate elite bent on weeding out humanity.

The unmistakable landmark of the nightmare that is upon us is an anemic and dysfunctional economy. Compounded by austerity and continuing social and political crises, wars, manufactured terror attacks and the deliberate destruction of the final engine of prosperity – the United States – the predatory elite will realize their perverse dream of total domination. That is, if we don’t stop them now.

It is up to Infowars and the alternative media to expose the ruse, from pushing the climate change hoax to confiscate more wealth to allowing the banksters to socializing their losses on the American people. Investigative media in the Mockingbird press is long dead, so it is up to us.

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