New Robocop Movie Envisions World Patrolled by Drones

Paul Joseph Watson November 8, 2013

The fourth installment of the Robocop franchise, set for release in February next year, is based around the premise that robotic drones patrol the world but that America is the last holdout and needs to be brainwashed into relinquishing its “robophobia”.

A new trailer for the movie released today features a scene in which Samuel L. Jackson promises to make even the worst neighborhood in America “completely safe,” before showing footage of huge lumbering robots acting as military patrols in middle eastern countries, whose citizens are forced to submit to biometric scans by the robots in order to avoid being treated as a criminal.

“It is great to see American machines helping to promote peace abroad – so then tell me why can’t we use these machines here at home? Why is America so robophobic?” asks Jackson in his role as a showman advocate of mechanized crime control.


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