The Antarctic Has Been Warmer Than Now For Most Of The Last 8000 Years

Not A Lot Of People Know That | 19 June 2016



A paper recently published attempts to measure the relationship between ice accumulation and temperature in Antarctica for the last 31000 years.

The study is based in West Antarctica. I won’t go into the details, which were covered by WUWT here. But what was interesting were the temperature graphs included, based on ice cores.




We can see that for most of the time since the end of the ice age temperatures have been much higher than now. We can also clearly see the sharp drop coinciding with the LIA, and that temperatures were similar to now in the MWP.

We are continually told that humans are pushing the earth’s climate into unknown territory, but once again we see this is not true. As far as the Antarctic is concerned, all the evidence points to the 20thC rise in temperatures being no more than a natural recovery from the LIA.

We are also threatened with several meters of sea level rise as the Antarctic melts down. Yet the evidence of the last 10000 years shows that nothing of the sort happened, even though temperatures were much higher.

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