Brit Flicks | 15 July 2016



This feature-length documentary, co-written and presented by George Galloway, examines the prime-ministerial career of Tony Blair and his business activities since leaving office – a role that Galloway describes as ‘The Blair Rich Project’.

Combining testimony from prominent observers, ambassadors and statesmen, with extensive archive footage, animation and illustrations from the award-winning political cartoonist Steve Bell, George Galloway sets out his argument that, despite good things that his government achieved, Tony Blair’s actions since leaving office reveal that his overriding motivation may have always been a messianic pursuit of personal glory and financial reward.

Galloway’s lively and in-depth narrative weaves together the facts of Tony Blair’s political career, his premiership, the decision to join the USA in the invasion of Iraq and his subsequent role as globe-trotting peace envoy with acerbic commentary and personal insights from an impressive range of highly-informed contributors.

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