Lesser of two evils? The Democrat's dark history of the Hiroshima & Nagasaki 'war crimes'

RT | 9 Aug 2016

This week marks 71 years since the US completed what many believe was its deadliest and most horrific “war crime” – the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which killed, by some estimates, more than 200,000 people.
While the 2016 presidential campaign has raised the global stakes, with both of the main candidates accusing each other of potentially ending the world as we know it, Democrats are presenting their candidate, Hillary Clinton, as the ‘lesser of two evils.’
However, the nuclear destruction of Japan may have never happened but for the machinations of DNC insiders in 1944, which removed anti-war vice president Henry Wallace for a war hawk of their own, Harry S Truman.
The US was the first – and is still the only – nation to use nuclear weapons in warfare.
Just weeks after Truman became vice president with Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), the popular four-term president died and opened the Oval Office to the man from Missouri.
His decision to drop the atomic bombs “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” on hundreds of thousands of people, as well as Japanese military targets (a justification still used to this day), was the result of choices made at the DNC the year before.
Truman’s selection as FDR’s running mate at the party’s national convention in 1944 was, as his biographer Robert H Ferrell wrote, “one of the great political stories of our century.”

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While the position of vice president is often dismissed, with Roosevelt’s health in decline, their decision to get rid of incumbent VP Henry Wallace changed the course of world history.
In a scenario familiar to Bernie Sanders supporters, DNC insiders who opposed Wallace’s anti-war convictions replaced him with the namesake of the Truman Committee, an investigative congressional body with inside knowledge of the country’s rapidly-growing military.
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