Hillary Clinton 2016: WikiLeaks Shows Connection To Weapons For ISIS

Morning Ledger | 15 Aug 2016
Hillary Clinton 2016’s latest news reports that the former US Secretary of State had connections to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

In 2013, Clinton testified under oath that she had no knowledge about the weapon that the US had been sending from Libya to Syria. Senator Rand Paul questioned her during that time.
Paul clearly asked Clinton if she or the US government were involved in procuring, transferring, buying and selling of weapons in Libya. Clinton responded saying, “Nobody ever raised that with me.”
Clinton’s testimonial came after the US consulate in the Northern Libyan city of Benghazi was attacked, which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, one CIA agent, and two other Americans.
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However, Wikileaks chief Julian Assange claims he has evidence, which might entirely ruin Hillary Clinton 2016’s campaign.
According to Assange, Clinton lied under oath, adding that he possesses 1,700 emails that would prove Clinton was fully aware of the US’ involvement in distributing weapons to rebels in Libya to overtake Qaddafi.

“She claimed to have no knowledge of any transfers of weapons from Libya to Turkey, Syria, or any other countries.”

In Assange’s interview with Democracy Now, he said that he and the entire Wikileaks organization would release more of emails containing proofs that Clinton broke her oath and that she had knowledge about the weapon shipment to Al Qaeda and other Islamic State rebels.
Wikileaks have not yet unleashed the emails’ full contents. Many say the organization might make it an ‘October surprise’ to bring Clinton down as the election would be a month away from that time.
In case Assange really has proofs that would prove the former Secretary of State’s lying, Hillary Clinton 2016’s bid to become the first woman president of US might just turn into ashes.
Do you think that Clinton and the US government really had involvement in the US’ shipment of weapons to ISIS? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!
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