Medical establishment freaking over effective alternative cancer treatment

NZ Herald | 9 April 2017
[A.M. Editor’s note: . In 2015 the cancer treatment industry earned $US 100 billion in annual sales and is set to increase to $US 147 billion by 2018. You can bet your life that the pharmaceutical industry will do whatever it takes to protect their racket.]
Cancer patients are drinking a water, chlorine and sodium mix produced by a Taranaki farmer with no medical background who calls it a ‘game changer’ in treatment of the disease. Carolyne Meng-Yee went to meet him.
Vernon Coxhead leads you down the garden path and unlocks the door of his secure factory.
Inside you’re reminded of the DIY lab in TV’s Breaking Bad. There’s the whiff of fresh, white paint still drying on the walls, water being pumped through clear hosing by electric currents and a floor-to-ceiling wall of plastic white containers.
The containers are waiting to be filled, stamped with the new Te Kiri Gold logo, a symbol of hope – designed by Coxhead – that will be couriered to cancer sufferers around the world.
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