The DNC operative at the center of Ukraine election interference was working with Democrats and a convicted bomber after the election. 
Alexandra Chalupa, the former Clinton White House staffer and DNC operative at the center of the Ukrainian election collusion scandal, was actively working with Democratic lawmakers just after the election on the Trump/Russia narrative, enlisting the aid of convicted serial bomber Brett Kimberlin as she brought a foreign national into the country to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
Aspects of this story have been previously reported by Buzzfeed News in a story discussing fake documents that Kimberlin helped to pay for and acquire in order to smear Pres. Trump.
We are reporting exclusively for the first time, however, that the connection to the operative who flew to Rome to acquire those fake documents existed longer than has previously been reported.
Confusion in the timeline of the Buzzfeed story makes it seem as though Brett Kimberlin began working with that operative, Jonathan Schwartz, after being informed of the documents which would later be revealed as fake. A story released soon after by Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller tied Alexandra Chalupa into the story, highlighting her role in bringing Schwartz into the country, this time regarding accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.
However, sources with knowledge of the matter have confirmed that Schwartz was originally contacted by Alexandra Chalupa through a contact who was working at the DNC, and that convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin was actively involved when Schwartz was brought to the United States months earlier, shortly after the November election.
The new revelations raise further questions about Chalupa’s involvement with the DNC, after she claimed to CNN that she had no involvement.
Two stories by CNN reporter Dan Merica printed denials from the DNC and from Chalupa herself about any involvement. Both of those stories however failed to include a key piece of evidence: an email from Chalupa to former DNC communications director Luis Miranda that made it clear that Alexandra Chalupa was directly coordinating with people at the DNC, to whom she promised that “lots more” would be coming.
That email was from May, but significantly the WikiLeaks dumps ended in May. Any later emails on the subject from Chalupa would not have been part of subsequent releases by WikiLeaks.
Sources with knowledge of the matter speculated that the Democratic National Committee used Chalupa and Kimberlin as intermediaries to add several layers of distance as they brought Schwartz to America to speak to congressional Democrats about Russian election meddling. They believe that Alexandra, who also worked with her sister, New York-based writer Andrea Chalupa, in November, provided one layer of separation and that Kimberlin, who provided financing for the trip – with that money’s source unknown – provided a second layer for plausible deniability.
Kimberlin became known as the Speedway Bomber in the early 1980s after setting off a series of bombs near Indianapolis, IN. Police believe that the reason for those bombings was to cover up the murder of an ex-girlfriend. After serving 17 years in prison he became active politically, helping found two organizations that have raised nearly $2 million in the past few years.
Kimberlin has numerous connections to the Ukraine, including many business dealings in Ukraine shortly after he was released from prison. Additionally Kimberlin’s wife – who has alleged that Kimberlin seduced her when she was fourteen years old – is Ukrainian herself.

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