Roger Stone | 23 Oct 2017
What the New York Times and the Washington Post both correctly report is that in a friendly phone call with president Donald Trump, I made the case for the release of 3100 still classified government files that address the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy.
A 1994 law scheduled the release of the last batch of JFK assassination-related records for October 26 of this year. Under the act, only the president can delay the release for an additional 25 years.
The president, who was cheerful, upbeat and confident, is fully engaged in his effort to pass his tax reform package so he can turbocharge the economy. He listened politely to my pitch for transparency in the release of these files mandated by the US Congress in 1994.  He asked a few pointed questions and told me he would review the matter. I was optimistic.


Only days previously I had been joined by my fellow New York Times best-selling author Gerald Posner, whose book Case Closedsupports the deep flawed Warren Commission conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy and acted alone. My book The Man Who Killed Kennedy – The Case Against LBJ destroys the official narrative as it lays out how Vice President Lyndon Johnson, with the assistance of the Central Intelligence Agency, the mob and Big Texas Oil, orchestrated the murder of our 37th President.
We know that Lyndon Johnson’s “strong right arm” Bobby Baker, the Secretary of the Senate, told a Kennedy associate “John Kennedy will not live out his term and will die a violent death” during a freezing cold Inauguration Day blizzard in 1961.
We learned a great deal from the first tranche of documents that were declassified under the JFK Assassination Records Act of 1994 about the role of Lyndon Johnson in the events of November 22, 19, 3 as well as the actions of the CIA, major organized crime figures and even George H. W. Bush.
The documents released thus far under the Congressional act include a memo from FBI director J. Edgar Hoover to Pres. Johnson informing him that the KGB conducted their own independent investigation into the Kennedy assassination and concluded that LBJ was the mastermind. We also learned that French intelligence had informed Jacqueline Kennedy that Lyndon Johnson was the linchpin in the conspiracy which led to her husband’s death.
We discovered that in December of 1963, J. Edgar Hoover, then FBI Director, ordered the head of the FBI office in Dallas to “brief George Bush of the CIA regarding the activities of anti-Castro Cubans in the Dallas area,” which is curious because George Bush would testify under oath at his 1970s U.S. Senate confirmation hearings to be the Director of Central Intelligence that he never worked for the CIA prior to his appointment.
The documents already released under the process President Trump completed last week also revealed the record of a phone call placed by George H.W. Bush to the head of the FBI office in Houston only minutes after the Dallas shooting in which Bush went out of his way to establish an alibi claiming to be in Tyler, Texas, for a luncheon speech. He even urged the FBI to look into an active Young Republican in Harris County, James Parott, who Bush claimed he heard had threatened the president. When the FBI arrived at Parott’s home the bewildered young man was found in the back-yard painting “Bush for U.S. Senate” signs.
My White House sources told me that CIA director Mike Pompeo opposed the release of the classified JFK assassination material by President Trump. Now, the game of the Deep State boys will be to undermine the president’s order by redacting and withholding much of the material the president has ordered released. It is notable that the first tranche of documents released by the National Archives in July were so redacted and had so much material withheld on the basis of “national security” that they were worthless.
I will report to the American people if there is an effort to nullify the President’s bold decision through bureaucratic blackouts and blanket claims of “national security.”
It’s not surprising that they would try this ploy. The CIA has never been forthright about its ties to Lee Harvey Oswald and neither has the FBI. They both have much to hide.
Oswald appears to have been recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) as a Marine recruit. Oswald missed qualifying in 1958, which means he was on a special assignment, almost certainly learning Russian at the military language school in Monterey, California.
Oswald was stationed at our most secure base at Atsugi, Japan, from which the U-2 overflights were being launched, which would not have happened had there been any question of his loyalty.
While there, Oswald contracted gonorrhea, which was noted in his military service record as having occurred in the line of duty. (Some assignment!)
The Soviets knew the U-2 flights were taking place, but not the altitude at which they were flying and were unable to shoot them down. Oswald made a pseudo-defection at the behest of the CIA, even faking suicide to gain their attention. As a radar operator in Japan, he knew the altitudes and (presumably) provided that information to the Soviets.
Shortly before a planned summit between Eisenhower and Khrushchev, the Red leader accused the U.S. of spying on the Soviet Union, which Eisenhower denied. Khrushchev then produced the pilot, Francis Gary Powers, and parts of the plane, which led to the cancellation of the summit, increasing Cold War tensions instead of diminishing them.
Oswald, who had loudly defected, suddenly returned to the United States with the travel expenses for him and his wife paid for by the U.S. government, and despite the fact that Oswald had renounced his U.S. citizenship, it had never been formally revoked.
Returning to the U.S. with his new wife, the niece of a KGB colonel, he was greeted by a CIA-front organization and given money to relocate, where Marina landed in Dallas and Lee in New Orleans, where he was “sheep-dipped” (given a false persona) as a pro-Castro, communist sympathizer.
It is beyond dispute that Oswald was arrested in New Orleans handing out anti-Castro literature which is strange for a man who is described to us as an active communist.  Once arrested Oswald placed his one allowed phone call to the head of the FBI bureau in New Orleans and was shortly thereafter released.
Without Oswald knowing he was being set up as the patsy, Ruth Paine, who had ties to the CIA, arranged for Oswald to obtain a position at the Texas School Book Depository just weeks before the motorcade.
At the time he was shot, he was working as informant #179 for the FBI and was being paid $200 per month right up to the time of the assassination.
That proof Oswald was working for the FBI as an informant was uncovered by Waggoner Carr, the Attorney General of Texas at the time. Carr, a conservative Democrat who had been a “Democrat for Nixon” in 1960 where he was aligned with Texas Democratic  Governor Allen Shivers, who openly endorsed Nixon after Kennedy wrestled the Democratic nomination from LBJ. Nixon told me of Carr’s finding regarding Oswald.
That led to an emergency meeting of the Warren Commission, which delegated LBJ associate Leon Jaworski to investigate the claim. He would report that it was only a “false rumor” when it was actually true.
Which explains why the accused assassin of our 35th president’s W-2 forms were unavailable — until the CIA was able to fabricate replacements, which is one of its areas of specialization, i.e., the manufacturing of false documents.
The next dump of classified JFK documents included records from the most mysterious part of Oswald’s pre-assassination history, his alleged trip to Mexico City where he reportedly appeared at the Russian and Cuban Embassy demanding asylum and a visa.  We have an actual recording of a phone conversation between FBI director Hoover and President Johnson in which Hoover tells the President that the man photographed and described in Mexico City does not look remotely like Oswald.
Philip Shenon, who has written a book about the assassination, said: “From the record we already have, we know he met there with Soviet spies and Cuban spies and other people who might have wanted to see Kennedy dead.” No, actually we only know a man claiming to be Oswald appeared in Mexico City.
We also know from the last release of JFK files that the Dallas police reported to the FBI that they had multiple calls from several air charter services at Love Field reporting that a man identified who himself as Lee Harvey Oswald had appeared and inquired about the availability of a chartered plane from Dallas to Mexico on November 22, 1963. In every case, the charter company employees shown a picture of Oswald insisted it was not the man who has visited their facility to inquire about charter service.
Regardless, a man claiming to be Oswald in Mexico City or inquiring about chartering a flight we are supposed to believe would be destined for Mexico but hijacked to Cuba would mean Oswald had a confederate thus a conspiracy took place.
Contents of the last batch of classified files pertaining to the murder oh Pres. John Fitzgerald Kennedy will be fascinating unless the mandarins in Langley withhold the truth from the American people yet again.

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