Smoking Gun: Obama’s Name Edited Out of FBI Statement Clearing Hillary

Ben Warren & Kit Daniels | 8 Feb 2018
The FBI referred to President Obama as simply “another senior government official” in its letter exonerating Hillary Clinton, which was likely an attempt to hide his ties to the investigation.
This revelation from the ‘FBI lovebird’ texts could prove damning to Obama and his fellow Democrats – and may even prompt President Trump to reopen the case.
On June 30th, 2016, FBI Agent Peter Strzok told his mistress, bureau lawyer Lisa Page, about the various draft versions of the statement then-FBI Director James Comey was writing to clear Clinton.
Strzok, the agent in charge of the Clinton investigation, wrote, “[Comey] changed President to ‘another senior government official.’”
This indicates the FBI investigation was a sham steered by President Obama that was never intended to lead to criminal charges against Clinton.
The resulting edition can be seen below:

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