Pro-Trump Kanye West: Enemies of Free Speech Are Using Fear to Intimidate

Kit Daniels | 26 April 2018
The elites fear those who think for themselves
Kanye West is still standing up against his fellow luminaries who want him to stop thinking for himself:

In other words, West was warned not to go against the establishment because he’s too “powerful and influential.”
The power elites’ greatest fear is for individuals to think for themselves; that’s why they’ve weaponized mass media to keep people from thinking beyond the establishment’s “approved viewpoints” – and that’s why they now fear West.
You see, the multinational elites consider themselves the “specialized class” responsible for making decisions for humanity because they believe the public’s “too stupid” to make decisions for themselves.
They control the news, academia and entertainment, and they use these outlets to push political correctness and “approved viewpoints.”
Their ultimate goal is control over not just free speech, but thoughts as well because control over an individual’s thoughts leads to a compliant population.
But it’s the elites who are artificially dumbing people down to herd them like cattle, turning them into zombie-like spectators who drift through life while simply parroting popular opinion without question.
So how can they claim the public is stupid when it’s them who’s keeping humanity down on a lower level of consciousness?
This “spectator democracy,” first described by political insider Walter Lippmann in the 1920s, reduces individuals into mere spectators – not participants – in public policy managed by a tiny elite, in this case the establishment.
That’s exactly what Kanye West is rebelling against.

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