Argentina: Targeted by World Government – Danger over ‘Patagonia’!

Adrian Salbuchi | 21 Oct 2010

Patagonia is the name of the southernmost region of Argentina comprising the provinces of,

  • Río Negro

  • Neuquén

  • Chubut

  • Santa Cruz

  • Tierra del Fuego,

…together with their Chilean counterpart regions on the Pacific Ocean side of the Andes Mountains.

This article highlights the growing signs that this South American Region has been targeted by the Global Power Elite and will be lost by both Argentina and Chile.

The Elite plan, in fact, can be traced back to over a century ago.

No surprise when you consider that Patagonia has incalculable wealth – oil, gas, minerals, food, water, fish, grains, cattle…


  • Since the end of World War II, most of the world has come under the indirect control of a veritable World Government which, although not legally binding, does anyway have the power of enforcing and imposing its objectives and interests all over the world.

    The key factor to be highlighted is that the world has gone through a far-reaching privatization of Real Power where the Global Power Elite (GPE) has (re)organized itself increasingly around small but extremely powerful structures that enable it to wield its power, influence and leverage over the entire planet.

    In fact, the greatest challenge we must all deal with in every country and region, is the fact that very small usurping minorities wield gigantic power over the vast majority of us in finance, the economy, politics, academia and the media (i.e., PsyWar) and in the social, technological and military spheres.


  • The GPE have, through the decades, achieved this thanks to what the “Report from Iron Mountain” (a Hudson Institute think tank report purportedly prepared for the Pentagon in 1967 when Lyndon Johnson was president and Robert McNamara secretary of defense), aptly described as a global “War System”.

    I.e. we all live under a political, economic, financial and media military-industrial system that imposes perpetual war over the entire planet, which they believe is fundamental and necessary to ensure the “correct” management of financial flows, economic growth, social behavior, political dialectic, exploitation of resources and many other factors that will promote and achieve the GPE’s medium and long terms plans and objectives.

    This highly authoritarian, vertical and pyramid structured power system, created an increasingly strong, consistent and effective structure made up of a network of interlocking and interfacing think tanks (i.e., geopolitical planning centers), where the top of the pyramid is controlled by entities like,

    …and others.

    In Argentina, their local counterparts or subsidiaries include,

    • the CARI (Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales)

    • the Americas Society (which operates the Latin American network for the CFR in New York City)

    • very powerful local Zionist militant entities, AMIA (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina) and DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas),

    …amongst others.


  • Today, our world is immersed in a highly complex, violent and volatile transition which is dragging mankind from the stage of so-called “Globalization” (i.e., an unofficial World Government), towards an increasingly legally-binding and coercive World Government.

    Naturally, this is being increasingly imposed on global public opinion using sophisticated, powerful (and very expensive!!) Psychological Warfare techniques, that are bent on convincing us all that World Government is “good” for us.

    That it will protect “mankind”, promote “democracy”, “human rights” and “progress”, whilst it ensures “peace” and “protection” from all the bad guys out there that “hate us”, because we have “democracy”, “human rights”… well, you know the rest…


  • All of this Newspeak covers up the fact that World Government is being imposed upon us by the GPE to protect and promote the interests of a usurping, authoritarian violent, illegitimate and regressive minority over the vast majority of us.

    I have explained this complex process in various videos available on YouTube including:

  • Whilst I write from Argentina and will now describe a rather specific Argentine problem referring to implicit threats upon our territory, the mechanisms described herein have their counterparts in just about every other country in the world.

    If World Government is coming, then we all need to be alert because, although it is a truism, Argentina – as every other country – is on this planet, so we had better start understanding what the true consequences of a legally enforceable and extremely power World Government mean for every country in the world.


  • Let’s continue with the case of Argentina.

    We have a population of around 40 million people, however our territory is at least five times larger than, for example, that of France with a population of 65 million people.

    The time will surely come from the Global Power Elite will send us the clear message from the power capitals – Washington, New York or London – saying that we have “too much” territory, and that we must accept “a more balanced reallocation” of it (naturally, in the name of “Mankind”, “peace” and “democracy”).

    What will we tell them? And if the Argentine people were to grasp that the GPE’s plans are not good for our own interests and our own future, what will we be able to do to stop them when they decide to come down upon us?


  • In the case of Argentina, as with many other countries in Latin America and in other continents, successive cowardly and treacherous governments over the past thirty or forty years have left us all but defenseless.

    The catastrophic policies of so-called “democratic” governments since 1983 to date, have not only destroyed our military capabilities but, what is much worse, through PsyWar perpetrated by the mainstream media that is in their hands and our eroded educational systems, they have confused and weakened our people’s national, cultural and territorial awareness; and eroded our traditional values, especially amongst the younger generations.

    The people responsible for this are the very ones whose political careers and campaigns are systematically and lavishly financed with the GPE’s money, and in our country, are symbolized by the successive presidencies of,

    • Raúl Alfonsín (1983-89)

    • Carlos Menem (1989-99)

    • Fernando de la Rúa (1999-2001)

    • Eduardo Duhalde (2002-2003)

    • very especially Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007) and now his wife Cristina Kirchner (2007 to date)

  • As a result, today Argentina is no longer an independent nation.

    Countries are sovereign and independent because of their own decision and will, to remain free and independent.

    However, if today Argentina has not been not invaded or come under the total control of the GPE, it is only because they – the Global Power Elite – have decided that the time for imposing full control over us has not yet come, and not because we defend and guarantee our own Sovereignty.

    The day the GPE decides to “do something different” with Argentina, there will be absolutely nothing that we can do to stop them…


  • Argentina has gigantic natural resources and enormous, incalculable material wealth. In economic terms, how much is Argentina “worth”? That is incalculable!

    And in geopolitical, social and political terms? Unimaginable…

    Its physical beauty – snow capped mountains, enormous pampa grasslands, thousands and thousands of kilometers of coastlines and beaches, waterfalls, rivers, canyons…


  • Argentina is very much like a pretty 18 year old girl. Very attractive and there are many roaming wolves around her. As good parents, “We, the People” of Argentina would definitely do very well to watch over her and protect her!


  • Argentina could easily be the home to 140 even 240 million people, and yet… we are only 40 million Argentine Citizens (mind you, this represents only 0.7% of global population, and yet we have the sixth largest territory on the planet).

    One would imagine that with so much wealth and such a small population, Argentines should be living like kings!! Not so: over 50% of our population languishes in extreme poverty, in material terms.

    And in cultural and spiritual terms, we are even more impoverished!

    A sure sign of how well the GPE’s Geopolitical and Social Engineering Plan works to keep our country on our knees, biting the dust thanks to the crimes and mismanagement of the Money Power Elite’s favorite local politicians, who act as managers for the New Work Order…


  • Clearly, this is no coincidence.

    This is being engineered since many decades ago. Argentina must be kept under-populated and demographically unbalanced. For example: one third of our total population lives in the city of Buenos Aires and its sprawling suburbs.

    Whilst 80% of Argentines live in the ten largest cities: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Tucumán, Mendoza, La Plata, Santa Fe, Mar del Plata, Salta and San Juan…


  • The Southern Patagonia Region, however, is all but uninhabited: less than 1 inhabitant per square kilometer (“uninhabited” according to the UN).

    Today, the five Argentine provinces in Patagonia – Río Negro, Neuquén, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego – have a combined population of 1.600.000 people, whilst the small but densely populated and mostly poor Buenos Aires suburban county of La Matanza, has a population of… 1.600.000 inhabitants!

    So, a tiny dot on the map of Argentina – La Matanza county – has the same population as all of Patagonia!

    Clearly, this absurd and dangerous demographic imbalance reflects the geopolitical and social engineering emanating from the above mentioned think tanks, and implemented locally through successive “democratic” governments whose main job has been to obediently implement the measures and strategies imposed upon us by,

    • the IMF

    • World Bank

    • Intern-American Development Bank

    • the Washington Consensus

    • geopolitical planners in the United States, Britain and Israel, always working together with circumstantial local managers – i.e., Alfonsín, Menem, Cavallo, De la Rúa, The Kirchners…

    And almost always using one of their favorite excuses to be able to impose all of this upon us:

    • Argentina’s Fraudulent Foreign Debt, artificially created by themselves

    (See video in Spanish: La Deuda Externa de Argentina:

    That Fraudulent Foreign Debt allows the GPE Shylocks to extract their pound of flesh from us year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation…


  • This process is fully backed by constant Psychological Warfare emanating from the local and international mainstream media in the GPE’s power, coupled with the degradation and dumbing down of our educational system on all matters pertaining to political, historical, social, economic and financial issues and affairs.

    In this way, they have imposed a catastrophic generalized lack of proper awareness and understanding among the population.

    With time, this will enable them to take over huge chunks of our territory without even having to fire a single shot, and getting it just as they want it: unoccupied and free of trespassers, where the “trespassers” are the We, the Argentine People ourselves.

    To manage that territory to their own best interest, they need no more than a small group of locals – say, 2 or 3 million well trained and specialized local Argentine managers to run their affairs efficient and loyally.

    The remaining 37 million Argentines are nothing more than “useless eaters”, to be disposed of within the scope of the Global Depopulation Agenda.

    When you understand this plan, it then becomes clear why Argentine politicians and the local media recently IMPOSED on us their so-called “Gay Marriage Law” (I call it the “Sodom Law”, referencing it toe to Sodom and Gomorrah: perversion on a biblical scale), as well as the soon to come pro-abortion law.

    Both clearly AID depopulation in an already depopulated country…


  • 1776

    A key year in the History of the Americas and of the World


  • 4th July

    The 13 Original Colonies of North America declared their independence from what was then the most powerful empire: England. A truly heroic undertaking. North Americas fought and won and, since then, grew and grew to become today’s 50 states and a planetary hegemon.


  • 1st August

    Spanish King Charles III created the Viceroyalty of the River Plate, a gigantic geopolitical entity spanning the from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, that included all of present-day Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and parts of Chile and Brazil, all centered on Buenos Aires.

    But contrary to what occurred in North America, down here since 1776 we broke up into pieces becoming a mere handful of weak, inconsistent so-called “independent” countries, falling under the aegis of Britain and later the U.S..

    Argentina’s final map even took the shape of T-Bone steak, something very much to the liking of 19thand 20th Century British meat packers…


  • Two “coincidences”

    1. 2nd March 1776 – Adam Smith published “An Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations”, liberal capitalism’s Bible since then

    2. 1st May 1776 – Adam Weishaupt, a mysterious almost mythical character, founded the Masonic Lodge of the Illuminati of Baviera, in line with the Gran Orient Lodge that merged in London some years earlier, thus consolidating growing power of political freemasonry.

  • The GPE’s Interest in our part of the World has always been centered on Argentina. Then, at the end of the 19th century, International Zionism made its appearance, becoming a key factor


  • International Zionism

    Since its founding by the Russian Jew León Pinsker (whose main writing was “Self-Emancipation”) and Viennese lawyer Theodor Herzl, these founding fathers of Zionism thought in terms of creating TWO Jewish States:

    • one in Palestine (finally imposed by force in 1948 by Zionist terrorist groups, notably Irgun Zvai Leumi, Stern Gang and Hagganah, with the support and abetment of the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union)

    • the other in Argentina

    Pinsker called the former the “ideal State” (i.e., in Palestine which they claimed as a Jewish homeland), and the latter as the “practical state” (i.e., in Argentina).

    In his seminal book founding the militant International Zionist Movement, called “The Jewish State”, (published in 1896), Herzl wrote a chapter that carries the eloquent title of “Palestine or Argentine?” in which he says (the highlighting is ours),

    • “Which shall we choose, Palestine or Argentine?…

      Argentina is, by its nature, one of the richest countries in Earth, with an immense territory, scarce population and moderate climate. The Argentine Republic would have the greatest interest to cede to us a part of its territory.

      The infiltration of Jews that is presently taking place these has not been to their liking, naturally, and we will have to explain to Argentina the radical difference that exists with the new Jewish emigration.”




    Clearly, we are confronted with a plan reaching back many, many years, that is being engineering with patience, diligently, with a sense of opportunism, flexibility and astutely.

    It is supported by the ignorance and help of the worst elements in Argentine society (i.e., our so-called “political class”), who to this very day systematically have in their grip the key political, economic, media, educational and financial reins of this country, which they wield aligned to the interests of the GPE, which means against the interests of the Argentine people.


  • But that was all back in 1896…

    So, let’s fast-forward to our present-day.

    In 2002, when Argentina was in the midst of its worst banking, financial and currency collapse that dragged our country to a veritable social war that had exploded in December 2001 with the default on the public debt, the influential New York Times, published an extensive article on 27th August 2002 with the title “Some in Argentina see Secession as the Sole Solution to the Problem of its Foreign Debt”.

    In it, they proposed that Argentina pay its foreign debt by ceding the Patagonia.

    A few weeks later on 2nd September 2002, “Newsweek” echoed the same idea (both publications are run and controlled by Zionist elements from the CFR, Trilateral Commission and other GPE entities).

    The idea thus started sounding explicitly that secession and territorial break up were possible options for our country.


  • Strange visits…

    We will mention only in passing that for many years there have been strong and insistent rumors that in March 1969, New York Rabbi Nahum Gordon allegedly visited Buenos Aires to brief local Zionist militants on the need to break Argentina up, in line with Zionist interests.

    Whilst there is no supporting evidence or documentation supporting this – which has since become known as the “Andinia Plan“, “Andinia” being a hypothetical future country to be sliced out of Argentina’s Patagonia (and Chile’s, as well…) and Andes Mountains territories, it does uncannily tie in with all of what we describe herein.


  • 5th January 1986

    The traditional, prestigious and conservative Buenos Aires daily newspaper “La Nación” published an article, “Studies are Underway for the Settlement of a Jewish Colony in the Province of Santa Cruz”.

    The article literally said:

    • “Alberto Levy, a spokesman for the Israelis carrying out a survey in the area, stated that ‘this is a project we have carefully nourished for a long time and counts with the support of the Argentine authorities’.

      As has occurred since a number of years, El Calafate – the main tourist town in the region – this season received hundreds of Jewish “mochileros” (i.e., young backpackers and hikers) which in their own words are carrying out a survey, studying the local climate, vegetation and animals, and the potential wealth of the area.

      According to local townspeople in the area and the mochileros themselves, this survey was concluded with favorable results for such a settlement.”

  • 27th May 1987

    Our of the blue, then president Raul Alfonsín proposed – and Argentine Congress obliged and sanctioned Law No. 23.512 which declared Argentina’s New Capital City to be relocated to Viedma/Carmen de Patagones in Patagonia.

    This installed the idea of Argentina having two capitals – present day Buenos Aires and future Viedma. Though never actually carried out, the law is still in force and can be reactivated at any time.

    Surprisingly, before his “out of the blue” plant, Alfonsin has allegedly met with Zbigniew brzezinski in the Patagonian city of Bariloche…

    Much more recently, former president Nestor Kirchner (husband of present president Cristina Kirchner) declared on 29th September 2010 in a speech in New York City that he had supported the removal of our Capital to Viedma back in 1987 when he was mayor of the city of Rio Gallegos (provincial capital of Santa Cruz) and would consider reactivating the whole proposal.


  • 18th March 2002

    Finance Buenos Aires newspaper “El Cronista Comercial” (page 12) published an article called “Debt for territory” which described the proposal from a U.S. consultant to then president Eduardo Duhalde of swapping public debt for government land, adding that,

    • “the idea would be to transform our public debt default into direct equity investment in which creditors can become land owners where they can development industrial, agricultural and real estate projects.

      In this way, the public debts would be reduced and the economy reactivated. There could be surprising candidates for this idea: during the Alfonsin Administration, the Japanese studied an investment master plan in Argentine land in order to promote emigration. The proposal was also considered in Israel.”

    Only a few months later, the New York Times article referred to above was published.

    A local consultancy in turn, Giacobbe y Asociados, reported that they were carrying out a survey in Patagonian Province of Chubut and other provinces, for an alleged European Multinational Company which contained however questions that were suspiciously unrelated to the economy and local markets and were more of a geopolitical nature, such as:

    • “Would you agree that Argentine should give up its rights over territories in Antarctica in order to fully cancel our foreign debt?

      Would you agree in ceding government lands in Chubut to pay for the provincial public debt? Would you agree that the provinces of Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego should merge into one sole Province or region?

      What is your position on the proposal that Argentina’s economy should be managed by an officer from the IMF or some other international entity?

      Considering the dire situation that reigns in Argentina, do you want to leave the country?”

  • 29th September 2003

    A media scandal breaks out, driven by the local militant Zionist organization and pro-Israel lobby DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) over alleged declarations by the then Argentine Army Chief of the General Staff General.

    Roberto Bendini made during a presentation at the Argentine Army War School pointing to the danger in Patagonia posed by the exceptional interest shown by Israeli groups in the region.

    The hysterical reaction of the local mainstream media and their well-paid journalists and analysts aligned to the GPE and of course from the DAIA itself.

    Nevertheless, the local newspaper “La Nacion” (30-Sept-03 – highlights are our) explained that,

    • “there is no doubt that there are Israelis all over the Patagonia. They move around in groups, they are young, speak in Hebrew amongst themselves.

      For greater information, we can say that a good number of them come from the military.

      They have just taken off their Israeli Army uniforms, although their plans to visit Volcano Lanín and visit Lake Argentina and eventually travel through the whole country over to Puerto Madryn have not, in principle, been approved by (then Israeli prime minister) Ariel Sharon… but rather by a local tourist guide: they are twenty-something year old youths, who take their vacations after leaving the Israeli Army and before going to college.”

  • 3rd July 2005

    Again, the Buenos Aires daily, “La Nación” in its Sunday edition published a notable article (Section 7, “Enfoques”, page 6) under the title “Eduardo Elsztain: the Owner of the Land”.

    Mr Elsztain happens to be this country’s largest landowner and his business and political profiles are, indeed, very interesting, representing a good Case Study that helps to understand how the Global Power Elite’s influence, lobbying and militancy work in practice our country (and in most other countries too).

    Eduardo Elsztain is:

    1. President of the local Real estate giant IRSA, belonging to his family and which, since 1989, partnered with Jewish-American-Hungarian real estate magnate and speculator multibillionaire George Soros(director of the CFR/Trilateral Commission). For Soros, Argentina has meant great business as in the ten years in which he was involved in “investing” in our country under president Carlos Menem’s liberal policies, he was able to siphon off 500 million dollars of local wealth into his pockets….

    2. Elsztain is member of the New-York-based Americas Society founded by David Rockefeller (Exxon/JPMorganChase) and managed by William Rhodes (CitiCorp), amongst others. Other Argentine members include Amalia Fortabat (cement heiress), Marcelo Mindlin (see below) and the criminal banker José Röhm (owner of the defunct Banco General de Negocios, wanted by the Argentine Courts). The Americas Society acts as an interface in Latin America for the Council on Foreign Relations (whose headquarters happen to be right across the street from them, on Park Avenue at 67th Street, in New York City).

    3. In 2005, Elsztain was named treasurer of the World Jewish Congress by its president, who is also Mr Elsztain’s friend and business partner Edgar Bronfman (member of the Trilateral Commission, CFR, the Jewish Masonic lodge B’Nai B’Rith, and the militant ADL Anti-Defamation League of Nueva York). Owner of the Seagram Distilleries, Bronfman is one of the wealthiest and most powerful billionaires of the world.

    4. Elsztain owners the majority shareholding in the local Banco Hipotecario (a formerly public mortgage bank serving the public that was privatized by Carlos Menem in the 90’s in George Soros’ benefit), which Elsztain in turn delegated onto Ms Clarisa Lifsic de Estol (president), and which counts amongst its directors, one Jacobo J. Dreizzen, co-designer of the criminal Sovereign Public Debt Bond Mega-Swap carried out by him in June 2001 with then economy minister Domingo Cavallo, which only five months later led directly to Argentina’s full banking collapse and default in December 2001 (however it increased out foreign debt by over 50 billion dollars…).

    5. Elsztain is a regular participant in the World Economic Foru8m at Davos (presided by Trilateral member Klaus Schwab)

    6. He is also the owner of the main shopping malls in Buenos Aires city (Alto Palermo, Patio Bullrich, Paseo Alcorta, Design Center, Abasto) and other major cities. He owns large agricultural establishments throughout the country (collectively managed under his company Cresud). He owns luxury hotels like the Llao-Llao in Bariloche (Tourist capital of Patagonia), the Buenos Aires Intercontinental and the Sheraton Libertador. He owns emblematic Buenos Aires skyscrapers like the Rulero Building in the Retiro district, Laminar Plaza in Catalinas, the Microsoft Tower, and shopping malls in Caballito and Neuquén, amongst many others. He owns a 100 Hectare farm in the Quetrihué Peninsula on Lake Nahuel Huapi in Bariloche, which extends from Villa La Angostura resort town to the popular Arrayanes Forest tourist attraction in Bariloche. The luxury Llao-Llao Hotel is usually completely shut off to Gentiles during the Jewish Pessaj – Passover – Festivities when it is fully occupied by militant Jews.

    7. Amongst his business associates, we find Sam Zell (one of the five largest real estate owners in the U.S.), Michael Steinhardt (investment fund owner) and Marcelo Mindlin (former vice-president of IRSA until 2003, also member of the Americas Society and owner of the Dolphin Investment Fund (focused on electric utilities).

    8. President of the Argentine Branch of the U.S.-based International Hiller Foundation that supposedly “renders financial assistance to Jewish youths…” We wonder whether that includes aiding the “cute mochileros” who roam throughout all of Patagonia…

    9. Elsztain is an active militant in the Orthodox Jewish Movement Jabad Lubavitch.

  • 1990 to date

    It is a well-known fact in both Argentina and Chile that enormous extension s of land have been purchased throughout all of the Patagonian region by alleged “investors” and billionaire “ecologists”, all thanks to the irresponsible and cowardly public policies of successive governments in Argentina and Chile beginning in the nineties which totally relaxed our laws.

    These same policies also allowed the likes of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner (our former and present presidents, respectively) to acquire huge tracts of land at dirt cheap prices, and later sell them for millions of dollars in the tourist city of El Calafate, for instance, in the Kirchner’s home Province of Santa Cruz.

    To name but a few of these foreign billionaire “investors” and “ecologists”:

    1. Carlo y Luciano Benetton (Italian) – Owners of 900.000 Hectares. In the provinces of Neuquén and Chubut

    2. Ted Turner (U.S. – shareholder and founder of CNN and TNT) – owner of over 5000 Hectares near the city of Bariloche (where he went so far as to privatize lakes and mountains that were formerly public tourist areas.

    3. Douglas Tomkins (U.S.) – Focused on acquiring land in the Chilean side of Patagonia, virtually cutting that country in half as he acquired large tracts of land running from the Pacific coast to the border with Argentina.

    4. George Soros (Hungarian-U.S. Jewish “investor”)

    5. Joseph Lewis – (British) owner of Planet Hollywood. Acquired huge tracts of land in Patagonia and built a landing strip near the Patagonian township of El Bolsón, as large as the main runway at Buenos Aires City Airport. Clearly, the GPE need to have direct access by air to Patagonia by large aircraft – both military and civilian – which is now guaranteed by the fact that there are several outlying major runways, including the one that was inaugurated in 2001 in El Calafate (Santa Cruz) just went we went into financial meltdown.

    6. Daniel Lerner – (U.S.) President of Walt Disney Enterprises for Latin America

    7. Ward Lay…

  • 23rd November 2009

    Another interesting example is that of the present mayor of Buenos Aires City, Mauricio Macri, a typical example of Argentina’s political class being fully functional to the GPE and its Zionist controllers.

    (The Macri Family have close business ties with the local Jewish landowners Werthein, with Israeli interests, and with the powerful Italian Agnelli family, owners of the Fiat Car Plants and co-founders with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission).

    When Mr Macri was recently confronted with a major political scandal because he started up the new Metropolitan Police by naming its first chief of police, Jorge “El Fino” Palacios who a short time afterwards ordered a whole spate of illegal wire-tapings.

    When he went to a local TV talk Show – “Los Tres Poderes” (AmericaTV, 23-Nov-2009) – to explain what had happened and why he named Mr. Palacios who was suspected of having unclear involvement in the AMIA terror bombing cover-up.

    (See my video on the subject: ‘False Flag Attacks in Argentina – AMIA and Israeli Embassy Bldgs’

    At that point,Macri responded by saying,

    • “Who are the people who have the clearest picture of what is happening in Argentina regarding security?

      The best intelligence services in the world like the (Israeli) Mossad. So, we went to see the U.S. Embassy and the Israeli Embassy and we told them ‘can you recommend the best policeman to us?’.

      And those two embassies, without even speaking to each other, both answered ‘Mr Palacios’.”

    Then, Macri added that he named Palacios,

    • “on the recommendation of these two foreign intelligence agencies who know full well who is who. This man (Palacios) had been decorated by the DAIA as well as by the Israeli Government for his actions during all these years, including his involvement on the AMIA case.”

    Yet another example of how our local politicians and “businessmen” are – knowing or unknowingly – but pawns in the hands of International Zionist interests

    (For those readers who can understand Spanish, here is the link to that grotesque TV interview:


  • 19th October 2008

    Once again, we learn from the Buenos Aires Daily newspaper “La Nacion” that a U.S. “Environmental NGO” called The Nature Conservancy, chose the city of Bariloche to set up its office in Argentina.

    The article carries the title “Ecomillionaires in Patagonia want to Recover our Temperate Grasslands”.

    The Nature Conservancy is financed by major corporations, and the NGO’s president is,

    • Henry Paulson (Treasury Secretary during the George W Bush Administration and former CEO of Goldman Sachs)

    • Roberto Hernández Ramírez (president of the Banamex Bank in México)

    • Mark Tercek (Director, Goldman Sachs)

    Financing was received from, amongst other,

    • the MacArthur Foundation

    • Hewlett Packard

    • General Motors

    • Xerox

    • American Electric Power

    • Procter & Gamble…

    All, these multinational corporations and multibillionaires are, no doubt, very concerned about what happens with “Patagonia’s grasslands…” (!!!)


  • The Patagonia Company, Inc

    At least, that’s what I call it… One can envision that there will come a time when Patagonia itself will be “privatized” (¿debt for territory?).

    This could very well become a key mechanism for territorial take-over. Some are already calling it PPP (Public-Private Partnerships).

    A day will surely when one of Argentina’s systematically treacherous governments will concession out all of Patagonia to some suitably set up Joint Venture Company (trading under the name of ‘Patagonia, Inc.’ or ‘Patagonia, Ltd’?), for a period of say 100 or 500 years (it makes no real difference), with the “Mission” of “efficiently managing” Patagonia’s huge resources, of course, to “benefit Mankind”.

    It would be a revamped political, economic and legal scheme of truly global proportions, consisting of conglomerates of major transnational corporations and multilateral agencies.

    It could include, for example,

    • oil giants like ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, Repsol, YPF (today ceded by the Kirchner government to their banker-partner Eduardo Eskenazi), Texaco Shell

    • together with megabanks like CitiGroup, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and HSBC

    • together with industrial defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, General Electric, General Dynamics, United Technologies, Boeing, Halliburton and British Aerospace

    • mining conglomerates like Barrick Gold, all working together with the coming beefed-up structures of the IMF, World Bank, governmental agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA) of the U.S., CIA, Mossad, MI6, plus some representative from the Argentine State (just to maintain a make-believe image of Argentina “sovereignty”).

    Today, I would venture to say that “Patagonia, Inc.” might even have a Kirchner as its Chairman or Chairwoman, as this represent for the Criminal Kirchner Couple, a further step on the way to one of them eventually becoming “president of the Patagonian Republic”.

    Whether they do this on the private or public side of Patagonia, really makes very little difference. This Model actually has its roots in the British east India Company founded in 1600.

    We must all beware of the signs that this may happen in states of the U.S., municipalities, territories, provinces and other territories.


  • The Argentine people are not Trustworthy to the Global Power Elite

    For them it seems that Argentina is recurrently disobedient to their demands, we are too revolutionary for their taste.

    A bit of history: we started off “on the wrong foot” (for the GPE) when twice in 1806 and 1807 the people of Buenos Aires fought back two English invasions… and we won!!

    Later in 1810, we were the first in South America to declare independence from Spain and in 1816, we won!!

    Then, during a long period of British and French backed civil war from 1835 to 1852 a great Argentine leader Juan Manuel de Rosas valiantly defended Argentina from the British, the French and their local paws in Uruguay, Brazil and Chile.

    This was symbolized in the Naval Battle at Vuelta de Obligado on the Paraná River where on 20th November 1845 we blocked the Anglo-French fleet with huge chains laid across the river and, eventually… we won!

    In the 20th Century, president Hipólito Yrigoyen did not bow to U.S. pressure for Argentina to enter World War I, and we later rejected becoming members of the Society of Nations because it was a tool of the U.S. and UK (after all, the Society of Nations has been designed by the then just founded Council on Foreign Relations).

    Yrigoyen was later removed by a U.S.-UK backed military coup in 1930. Even so, in 1943 a National Reaction government again refused to embark on World War II on the U.S., UK, Soviet side against Germany, Italy and Japan.

    Starting in 1946, another great national leader, Juan Domingo Perón, proposes to the whole world that Freedom loving nations should like Argentina adopt the ‘Third Position’ i.e., neither liberal U.S.-UK democracy nor Soviet communism, as a way of sailing the dangerous waters of the post-war Bi-polar world.

    At the same time, Perón rapidly industrialized Argentina, focused on National Defense, and promoted the best social legislation at the time. Again, in 1955 a U.S.-backed military coup removed Perón and, since then, our country has slumped into ever-increasing decadence, poverty and weakness.

    On top of that, in 1982 another irresponsible civilian-military regime took back the Malvinas-Falkland Islands from Britain, sparking a short war that must have surely lit some warning lights in the GPE’s geopolitical panel, because not only did the Argentinean people fully support that war effort and our military, the Argentina’s Air Force, in particular, fought so well that they sank many British destroyers, cruisers and other war ships and planes, and put England’s two flagship aircraft carriers “Invincible” and “Hermes”, out of combat.

    Clearly, if Argentines were able to do this under a very bad government, what would they not be able to do under a good government?


  • Special Punishment:

    All of this resulted in our being meted out “special treatment” by the GPE, by destroying us culturally, falsifying our history, inverting our traditional values, unilaterally disarming our military, and taking over our economy and financial systems.

    And they did this through local managers on their payroll: i.e., the pro-U.S. Military regime of 1976-83, and the so called “democratic” governments of presidents Alfonsín, Menem, Cavallo, De la Rúa, Duhalde, and the Criminal Kirchner Couple, all of whom are allied with anti-Argentine multimedia outlets (with their disinformation and deculturalization agents and a whole army of fraudulent, banal, cowardly, queer, decrepit, decadent and stupid pawns, who are at the GPE’s fullest service and payroll)


  • Result:

    Today, Argentina’s people are for the most part confused, disoriented, and systematically punished.

    We are kept under control by growing insecurity in the streets, in our jobs and in our homes. We are systematically attacked by our own government, who should be defending and protecting us…

    What better way to fully dominated and control a country than to do it using their own worst human elements as well-paid pawns and local managers? What better way to humiliate us and make us bite the dust?

Spanish speaking readers can view a video version of this article in the following links (an English version is in the works):

We also invite you to consider the way out of this predicament by founding a Second Republic, which is a Project that can be applied not only in Argentina, but also in just about every other country in our Region and in the world:

Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina (MSRA)

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