Democratic Donors Paid $50 million for New Anti-Trump Research

Washington Free Beacon | 28 April 2018
Anti-Trump researchers are continuing to conduct investigations of President Trump and were paid $50 million by unidentified donors in blue states, according to a House intelligence committee report made public on Friday.
The heavily redacted final report of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said the panel is continuing to probe efforts by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, author of the discredited anti-Trump dossier, and the research firm FusionGPS that hired Steele on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign during the election.
The continuing anti-Trump opposition research operation was contained in a footnote on page 113 of the 243-page report. It identified the Penn Quarter Group as the research firm that hired Steele and FusionGPS. [Disclosure: The Washington Free Beacon was once a client of Fusion GPS. That relationship ended in January 2017. For more information, see here.]
The footnote identified former Senate intelligence committee staff investigator Daniel J. Jones, head of the Penn Quarter Group (PQG), as leading the new anti-Trump campaign.
Jones and a spokesman for the Penn Quarter Group, that describes itself as a “research and investigative advisory,” could not be reached for comment. An email sent to an address on the company’s website was not returned.
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