Paul Joseph Watson | 6 May 2020

And by no coincidence also a massive hypocrite.

The married woman who violated the UK’s lockdown law to have an illicit affair with the professor responsible for advising the country to go into lockdown is a pro-Greta Thunberg virtue signaling left-wing activist.

Last night it was revealed that government adviser Prof Neil Ferguson, whose warning that 500,000 Brits could die of COVID-19 unless a lockdown was imposed became the basis for government policy, personally violated this lockdown numerous times.

He did so in order to have sex with 38-year-old married mother of two Antonia Staats, who traveled across London to visit Ferguson on several occasions.

It subsequently emerged that Staats is a hard-left activist who previously campaigned against leaving the EU, supported Greta Thunberg’s climate strike and delivered a petition to 10 Downing Street calling on the government to end fossil fuel subsidies.

Professor Ferguson himself also shared many of Staats left-wing beliefs.

“The reason for looking into the political affiliations of the scientists and experts who’ve been advising governments across the world during this crisis is that it may throw some light on why those governments have made such poor policy decisions,” writes Toby Young.

“Will the vast majority of those advisers turn out to be left-of-centre, like Professor Ferguson? I’m 99% sure of it, and I think that will help us to understand what’s happened.”

This whole farce once again proves that the most vehement virtue signalers, who are almost exclusively left-wing, always turn out to be the biggest flagrant hypocrites.

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