Estimating Vaccine-Induced Mortality, Part 6: Hawaii in Isolation

Rounding the Earth | 16 Sep 2021

“Ku’ia kahele aka na’au ha’aha’a” (“A Humble Person Walks Carefully So As Not To Hurt Others.”) -Hawaiian proverb

I’ve traveled twice to Hawaii, and spent time on different islands between the two trips. It must be one of the most beautiful locales on the planet.

COVID-19 in Hawaii and Island Nations

On the whole, COVID-19 hasn’t hit island nations particularly hard. The per capita mortality of Oceana, Japan, Iceland, Madagascar, New Zealand, and many other island nations has been a tiny fraction of that of the rest of the world. So too were the death rates in Sri Lanka and Indonesia…prior to mass vaccination.

Nor have nations along Hawaii’s tropical latitude fared poorly during the pandemic. At around 21 degrees North, Hawaii shares similar sunlight with nations such as IndiaVietnam, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Mali, Cuba, and the Bahamas that have had far lower COVID-19 mortality rates than the world.

Despite all this, and a lot of beautiful land (only 0.1% of SARS-CoV-2 spread seems to occur in outdoor settings), Hawaii’s COVID deaths per million residents stands at 474, just barely below the world average of 591. Something doesn’t quite seem right about this. Suppose that vaccine deaths are being counted as COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., then we should expect to see an exaggerated effect in the Hawaii data above all. And we do!

While vaccination programs began on December 14, 2020, only a tiny number of Americans were vaccinated prior to the New Year. After that the proportion quickly grew several fold and most all of the elderly Americans who have been vaccinated were vaccinated by early March.

Here are some relevant facts:

  • Hawaii reported 288 COVID-19 deaths through December 31, 2020.
  • Hawaii added 59 COVID-19 deaths on January 26, 2021 in an unexplained update of previously unrecorded COVID-19 deaths. This total was 15% of all COVID-19 deaths in Hawaii at the time.
  • Hawaii reported 547 COVID-19 deaths through August 13, 2021.
  • The overall CFR in Hawaii was 1.34% through August 13, 2021.
  • The CFR from November 1, 2020 to August 13, 2021 is 1.01%.

The timing of the mass update of deaths on January 26 is entirely unique in U.S. state data in terms of proportion to the total, and took place during the early weeks of the vaccine rollout. Even without those deaths, Hawaii saw a substantial rise in its case fatality rate (CFR) consistent (but a bit sharper) with my European analysis. The follow graph normalizes Hawaii’s CFR from January 1, 2021 to Apr 1, 2021 (the period during which most of the elderly were vaccinated) to the CFR on January 1. The full 59 deaths on January 26 have been removed entirely, and not placed anywhere, or else the CFR rise would be longer and steeper.

Perhaps Abrien Aguirre’s story sheds light on why the CFR in Hawaii grew so quickly from the outset of the vaccination program there…

The Abrien Aguirre Interviews

While working on my next major analysis in my Vaccine-Induced Mortality series (herehereherehere, and here), I found myself intrigued by the following video, filmed in Hawaii, which has been circulating now for several weeks:

This article provides a partial breakdown of the interview for those who prefer reading a summary. What he has to say boils down to a few key points: In his experience,

  • COVID-19 isn’t responsible for many of the nursing home deaths so categorized.
  • Vaccines are responsible for many of the nursing home deaths categorized as COVID-19 (affirming Scott McLachlan’s take).
  • There is systematic and dangerous fraud covering up these facts.

I will point out that I’d never heard of many of the websites sharing Abrien’s interview. Some certainly looked like tiny “right wing” sites or even sites set up by Russian propagandists. And on that note, it may be worth pointing out how much more honest RT reporting, and such tiny sites tend to be, which is to say that perhaps Russia’s primary strategy for weakening U.S. hegemony is to tell truths that the West isn’t prepared to face. Maybe I’ll write a lengthier article on that topic, sometime.

Let’s be clear: many of us have heard stories like Abrien’s. Whispers abound. Given the focus of my research and writing, I’m certain that I’ve heard more of them than most people, but it feels like everyone can point me to somebody who can share some inside information. I’ve had people of all political stripes and on all sides of pandemic debates relay such stories in conversation. But there is hardly a whistleblower. Why?

The primary problem is fear. For individuals, everything is at stake. Most of the people who could tell such a story are (one or more of the following),

  • In serious need of the paycheck (life, family, etc.),
  • Fear reprisal,
  • Hypnotised, dazed (Stockholm syndrome), gaslit, or some combination,
  • Sociopathic or even psychopathic,
  • Something else?

The secondary problem is that the media, health authorities, and legal authorities seem systematically disinterested. Perhaps the power of social sorting bubbles remains as the only “information pressure” not to seek such stories, which are easily found. Yet, there are no investigations. If all this is real, this is a landmark moment in history.LibertySavage @AxelSavage41) Thread: ‘A little epiphany about the plannedemic’ So I have mentioned on here multiple times that my wife’s a nurse at a hospital. Last night she worked an extra shift in the Emergency Room(not her regular department)September 14th 20211,354 Retweets2,602 Likes

Talking with Steve Kirsch, I pointed out that the power of Abrien Aguirre’s story depends both on his being real, and having documentation of his attempts to communicate with the authorities he claimed to communicate with (corporate and government, both). Abrien was hard to track down, but Steve did just that, and interviewed Abrien for over an hour last week.

You need to watch the interview. Clearly Abrien is real. He is fluently knowledgeable about nursing homes, and how COVID-19 has affected them (or not) in Hawaii. His body language appears genuine. I have little doubt. The only further step I would like to take personally is to see some documentation of his communications with authorities (medical corporate or government). I have emailed him asking for such documentation, and if he produces it, I will share what I find out in a follow-up article. If there is litigation (and there should be), he may not respond with that, but I am inclined to believe him. Here is a partial summary of the highlights of this more recent interview:

  • Abrien and other medical workers in Hawaii he has talked with saw noticeably skyrocketing deaths “immediately after the rollout of the vaccines”.
  • Abrien’s opinion is that patients he would ordinarily expect to live out several years in a nursing home passed away due to vaccination.
  • “I haven’t heard of many of them taking it for health reasons, which is what you should be taking it for. They’re receiving it so that they can fly. So, they’re afraid that they’re going to be limited…just so that life can be a little bit easier.”
  • Treatment has been held off for heart attack patients waiting on a PCR test! If they’re positive, and die (after receiving later treatment than normal), they’re categorized as a COVID-19 death. “It’s a cash cow right now with this.”
  • Freedom rallies in Hawaii have a lot of medical workers coming out.
  • Abrien was himself surprised watching his own words in his video. This seems indicative of having told the truth casually, then realizing the stark reality that he had blown the whistle on endemic corporate malfeasance and malpractice.
  • Abrien says his employers made no statement to him at all expressing that any of his claims were incorrect before placing him on paid administrative leave.

Unsure as to how he will find his next job in a profession largely controlled in Hawaii by a small number of employers, Abrien has a GoFundMe to help pay the bills while he looks for steps to take for himself and his family. I was happy to donate, and I will donate further to match all income generated by my substack for 24 hours after the publication of this article

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