Senior Army flight surgeon warns pilots could die in mid-flight from vaccine side effects

Washington Times | 28 Sep 20221

A senior U.S. Army flight surgeon with specialized training in infectious diseases has filed an affidavit against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for active-duty military personnel, warning that problematic heart side effects may cause pilots to die in mid-flight.

Lt. Col. Theresa Long, the surgeon responsible for certifying the fitness of 4,000 flight-ready airmen at the 1st Aviation Brigade in Ft. Rucker, Alabama, said that she is concerned that the vaccines can cause inflamed heart muscles in young men in the age range of most flight-ready pilots, and that the Department of Defense has not followed its own protocols by requiring an MRI scan of each airman after vaccination.

“The majority of young new Army aviators are in their early twenties. We know there is a risk of myocarditis with each mRNA vaccination,” Dr. Long states in the affidavit.

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Because the “vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna both have been linked to myocarditis, especially in young males between 16-24 years old,” she states “it is reasonable to conclude that these shots pose a serious risk to many humans due to direct adverse effect or allergic reaction.”

As such, she recommends against requiring vaccinations with either Comirnaty or BioNtech.

The colonel filed her affidavit under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act last week as part of a pending federal lawsuit that seeks a preliminary injunction against the shots.

Reached for comment, she referred questions to the two lead attorneys for the suit, David Wilson and Todd Callender.

Mr. Wilson told The Washington Times that the U.S. District Court for Colorado rejected the case, originally brought by two military staff sergeants in August, but invited the plaintiffs to bring additional evidence.

“Last week we filed the amended complaint and that’s when the affidavit came from Col. Long,” Mr. Wilson said.

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