AUT lecturer resigns after false-flag Covid, mosque attack claims

Newsroom | 19 Nov 2021

Law lecturer Amy Benjamin called the Covid-19 pandemic a “medical false flag” and implied the mosque attacks were perpetrated by the Government, saying “Christchurch will be revealed eventually”. Elliot Weir reports.

A law lecturer has resigned from Auckland University of Technology following comments she made on Covid-19, last year’s US presidential election, and the 2019 Christchurch mosque shooting.

Law lecturer Amy Baker Benjamin appeared in a livestream yesterday on the Facebook page of Vince Eastwood, who was charged with breaching the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act in August after attending an anti-lockdown protest in Auckland alongside Billy Te Kahika.

At the beginning of the livestream, Eastwood highlights how Benjamin was present at the time of Eastwood’s arrest, and that she described it as “the death of democracy”.

Benjamin went on to call the Covid-19 pandemic a “medical false flag” and claim that one of the reasons for its “introduction” was to justify mail-in ballots in the 2020 US Presidential election. She claimed the election was “not over”, that Donald Trump would be back, and that would be “very handy” for removing Jacinda Ardern from her role as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

She also discussed ways to “shut down” the country, before Eastwood made a disclaimer that encouraging activity that breaks Covid-19 restrictions would be a breach of his bail conditions.

During the interview, Benjamin claimed the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings were “such an obvious false flag”, implying they were perpetrated by the government, some other organisation, or were faked altogether, predicting that “Christchurch will be revealed eventually”.

In August, Benjamin launched a YouTube channel, American Spirit with Amy Benjamin, before making headlines for her appearance at the anti-lockdown protest in Auckland and her claim that the snap lockdown that month was a “crime against humanity”.

Her channel has since been removed for violating Youtube’s community guidelines, and her videos have been published elsewhere online. Her videos, which garner around 100 views each, mostly discuss vaccines and free speech. In one video, titled “Die ‘Jacinda Youth'” she claims young people “think they are smart and clued in and know things” but are actually vulnerable to recruitment by those behind “the Covid psyop, the covid orchestrated event”.

A Yale Law School graduate, her academic interests are listed on the Auckland University of Technology website as “False Flag State Terror” and “Secrecy and the Rule of Law”. In a statement to Newsroom, AUT distanced themselves from Benjamin. “AUT does not endorse the views expressed by Amy Baker Benjamin and we require our staff to clarify the opinions they express are their own. We take steps to ensure staff are aware of their rights and obligations. Amy has resigned from AUT.”

In addition to lecturing law students at AUT, Benjamin was also cited in news articles following the Capitol riots in the US in January. In an article by Newshub, she was quoted saying the protests “were peaceful” and that Donald Trump was not to blame for the riots. In a Stuff piece where she was cited as an “Auckland-based Trump supporter”, she pushed the conspiracy theory that “the election was stolen”.

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