German doctor commits suicide rather than give vaccines

Steve Kirsch | 20 Nov 2021

Did Dr. Thomas Jendges commit suicide saying he no longer could be part of the genocide happening via the COVID vaccine?

I ran across this post:

Here’s the article on his death.

IMPORTANT: the video in that article is not Jendges (which is why it is blurred).

According to the story, he died in order to try to send a message to the world.

Maybe. Maybe not.

One of my readers wrote this in the comments:

Dr. Thomas Jendges became the director of the hospital just a few weeks before his death. Maybe he could not process what he has seen, maybe he has seen something he should not see and got silenced. But he wasn’t an anti-vaxxer, otherwise he wouldn’t have got the job.

The video attributed to Dr. Thomas Jendges is from Dr. Guido Hofmann, 2020:

So this one is just too early to call.

He may have killed himself because he realized he was responsible for killing people by recommending an unsafe vaccine.

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