Freedom of Speech and NZ Bill of Rights on Trial

BFD | 23 Nov 2021

This Is the Pre-cursor to the Battle of the Hate Speech Law. It’s Really the Hate Speech Law on Trial Today, under False Pretences.

The New Zealand Police have summoned Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah Tamaki to front at the Auckland Central Police station this morning at 9.30 am due to them speaking at Auckland’s National Compassion Day last Saturday 20th November 2021 at the Auckland Domain.

Brian Tamaki is likely going to prison, not because he breached, but because he exercised his right to Freedom of Expression (Free Speech), and his Right to Protest (Freedom of Peaceful Assembly). Brian Tamaki did not break any of the COVID-19 restrictions. His lawyer said that he had a right to protest. This should put every Kiwi on notice.

What’s really on trial here is the Freedom of Speech and the NZ Bill of Rights. This is the pre-cursor to the battle of the Hate Speech law. It’s really the Hate Speech law on trial tomorrow, under false pretences.

Brian Tamaki will make a statement from his lawyer today to the media before entering the police station.

Brian Tamaki’s solicitor, Ron Mansfield QC, has said this is absolute BS, and he knows his New Zealand law inside and out.

This is political prosecution at its worst! We can all see, countless other protests occur every day of the week, but no such arrests have been made.

We’ve already seen from the NZ Herald that there’s been political prosecution and interference from the top in relation to the Tamaki’s over the past few weeks. Since when does the Minister for Police, Poto Williams, receive a text message from someone high up in NZ Police, when members of the public are arrested? We already know Willie Jackson is involved. It would be fair to assume that all of Labour’s Cabinet are also involved. This comes down to an illegal political prosecution. Since when do politicians interfere with the judicial system?

An independent police force is supposed to be a cornerstone of democracy. Our police force is supposed to be independent of the government and free from political control. That’s clearly no longer the case here in New Zealand.

All New Zealand citizens should be very concerned when tyrannical politicians control the police force, the media and all sectors of society.

Our members are asking us, what has happened to policing by consent? A consent model of policing is supposed to be a part of a social contract with citizens – that in return for your support, the police will treat you fairly and without discrimination. So what’s going on here?

This government is only interested in prosecuting this couple because they are a threat to them and they’ve seen the groundswell of people flocking towards The Freedoms & Rights Coalition.

Repeatedly we’ve heard from Judges, the Police Commissioner, the Deputy Police Commissioner, policemen and women, that we have a legitimate and lawful right to protest. Yet, despite the Tamaki’s keeping the COVID-19 restrictions as best as they could, the powers that be continue to unlawfully charge them.

Whether you like the Tamakis or not, this is now much bigger than personalities. This has now become a national issue that affects us all. This is an all-out blatant assault on every Kiwi’s freedoms and rights, particularly our freedom of expression (speech).

We are not organising a protest today by the way. We are leaving this in the hands of you the people. But if you’re going, we’d encourage you to take your pots and pans. Take whatever you’ve got to make as much noise as possible outside the police station today until they let the Tamakis go!

Spread the word, for tomorrow you could well make history! We’ll just leave you with these last few thoughts:

One has a moral obligation to disobey unjust laws.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.

Henry David Thoreau

Freedom is being yourself without permission!


Protest is the potent force of political change.

Brian Tamaki

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