Do you know what’s happening in the Northern Territory in Australia?

Jessica Rose | 24 Nov 2021

There are some videos circulating that document pleas from members of the indigenous communities in the Northern Territory of Australia. I think that Michael Gunner has to answer to this. He is the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory.

“Come here mate. You lying deceiving dog. You money slut.”

Junie Mills wants you to call her so she can tell you what’s happening in her community. Phone her at 0434001158. If you dare.

Video link of plea #1

Video link of plea #2

Sovereign Tribal people of the Northern Territory in Australia calling out for international intervention.

These videos are disturbing and claim that there are tribes being ‘removed’ and force-injected – clearly, against their will. This needs international attention because if this is happening to them, it needs to bloody stop. Hundreds of years of marginalization and mistreatment is enough, I think. Colonialism sucks. If you want a selfish reason to get involved, then look at it this way: it will eventually happen to the rest of us.

It doesn’t matter what your viewpoint is with regards to injections or COVID-19. YOU CANNOT FORCEFULLY INJECT HUMAN BEINGS. THIS VIOLATES THE NUREMBERG CODE IN SPADES.

The Nuremberg Code

This needs to be known and if this is happening now, in our day and age, with all the shit that humans have done to each other over the millennia, first of all, SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE ENFORCING THIS, and second of all, the global community needs to intervene. What was that you said? Never again?

Show some courage. Show some honor. Show some integrity. Protect that which matters.

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