Significantly elevated cardiac risk caused by the vaccines justifies an immediate halt

Steve Kirsch | 25 Nov 2021

The researchers who confirmed the results from the Circulation paper won’t publish their results because they are worried about losing their research funding in the future. So don’t tell anyone, OK?

Check out this tweet and watch the video.

If you listen to the video, the patients who have gotten younger and younger. Isn’t that interesting? Coincidentally, the vaccines have been rolled out to younger and younger patients. I wonder if they might be related?

And I would bet that nearly every young person with cardiac issues was vaccinated.

This basically confirms the paper in Circulation that I wrote about just two days ago which determined that the vaccines were causing the elevated risk.

The vaccines should be halted immediately

The VAERS data makes this crystal clear as well. This has been a red flag since January, but the CDC and FDA ignored the very clear signal.

So now we have the VAERS data, the paper in Circulation, and now this confirmation.

What more data do we need?

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The evidence is undeniable. Why aren’t any prominent health authorities in the US saying anything?

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