Forbes Acquires Time Machine, Says Vaccine Failure will Be Officially Acknowledged by WHO – What You Need to Know

James Lyons-Weiler | 26 Nov 2021

New variants have escaped the vaccines, and WHO is scheduled to acknowledge vaccine failure; current economic problems will be caused via backward propagation of effect of WHO’s future meeting

If you read the headlines, there is now global panic; stock sell-offs attributed to new variants. This, of course, is more opportunism. They won’t tell you that the economic decline started before the announcement (See Turkish lira crash report, 11/23).

A report by Forbes, for example, reads that news of detection of a new variant in South Africa was responsible for “sparking fears of a more transmissible, possibly vaccine-resistant virus and sending shockwaves through global markets as governments around the world bar travel from the region”.

Forbes also said that WHO is scheduled to meet and will likely conclude that a new variant is likely more transmissible because it has escaped the vaccine due to a total of 30 mutations in the spike protein – although most of those mutations existed early on in the vaccine program and vaccine failure likely began many, many months ago.

Forbes’ time machine tells them all of this, and as in quantum mechanism, now, economic causality propagates back through time.

Solution: Don’t read the headlines, buy low and sell high.

Oh wait, then there are the travel restrictions. The travel restrictions that are going to happen will also have been caused by the WHO meeting, which has not happened.

So… carry on as the new surge of fear and panic is stoked by the legacy media.


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