EU is forced to backtrack on ‘cancelling Christmas’ after outcry over message telling staff to say ‘holiday period’ instead because it is ‘more inclusive’

Daily Mail | 1 DEC 2021

  • EU Equality Commission issued inclusive language guide to ‘promote equality’ 
  • But Eurocrats were accused of trying to ‘cancel Christmas’ after suggesting staff say ‘holiday period’ to avoid offending non-Christians 
  • Other suggestions included saying ‘send humans to Mars’ instead of ‘colonise Mars’ and ‘synthetic fabrics’ instead of ‘man-made fabrics’
  • Document has been withdrawn after it sparked anger, including from the Vatican

The EU has been accused of trying to ‘cancel Christmas‘ after telling staff to avoid the word in favour of ‘holiday period’ because it could be offensive to non-Christians.

Eurocrats published the rule months ago as part of a guide on ‘inclusive communication’, details of which leaked this week leading to a furious backlash.

Politicians from Italy – where the story first emerged – accused the EU of waging a war on ‘common sense’ while the Vatican accused Brussels of trying to ‘cancel’ Europe’s Christian roots.

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