Why did Gavin Newsom and family take a vacation in Cabo, Mexico?

Steve Kirsch | 6 Dec 2021

I think he went there for stem cell treatments to treat his GBS. He had to bring the entire family along because if he went by himself, that would be too hard to explain.

Gavin Newsom and his family were Mexico from around November 22 to approximately November 28. I’m guessing it was to get stem cell treatments for his Guillane-Barre Syndrome (GBS). What do you think?

There was a press announcement on Monday, Nov 22 announcing the “vacation.”

Here’s the full story (with pictures of Newsom in Cabo) that appeared in the California Globe written by my friend Katy Grimes. Here’s her earlier story.

Why Cabo? After all, as Senator Ted “just trying to be a good Dad” Cruz explains that Cancun is much nicer! (Note: Ted, of course, was just being funny. Cabo is nicer than Cancun.)

Newsom’s press secretary won’t answer that. So I’m going to speculate with an educated guess based on the evidence that we know.

I know Gavin has GBS. He got it from his recent booster shot. Some people believe stem cell treatments can help (but my trusted neurologist says there is no solid evidence of this and she wouldn’t recommend it). Stem cell treatments aren’t available in the US (because it’s illegal). To get them, Gavin has to travel outside the US say, for example, to the Cabo Stem Cell Center which caters to the rich and famous… “only the very best.”

Newsom was spotted in the vicinity of La Datcha according to the California Globe article. Snopes denies this and says he stayed at a private home at a much lower cost than La Datcha.

But I think it’s fair to say that he was probably in that vicinity. Guess what? The Cabo Stem Cell Center is located just 1.7 miles (11 minutes by car) from La Datcha. What an amazing coincidence!

My educated guess (and it’s just a guess at this point) is that Newsom was not satisfied with the GBS treatments available in the US (IVIG and therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)), so now he’s seeking help with stem cell treatments which are not legal in the US. The closest place to get quality treatment that could also be justified as a “viable” vacation spot would be Cabo (Tijuana is closer but that would look way too suspicious).

So basically Newsom is going to paint all of this just like Ted Cruz did. He’s simply being a “good Dad” all of a sudden and spending even more quality time with his family. Got it?

Here’s what we know at this point:

  1. Newsom got GBS shortly after his booster shot. I have indirect confirmation of this from two of the doctors treating him.
  2. He dropped from public sight after the shot.
  3. Right after his shot was a 12-day stretch where Newsom held no public events. His office would not say where he was or what he was doing for most of that time.
  4. He’s occasionally surfaced since his disappearance, but has never (AFAIK) been seen in public where he’s walking around, shaking hands, etc.
  5. To this day, nobody has a clue why he didn’t participate in the UN Climate Summit. We totally get that Halloween with his kids was more important than the climate summit. Good for him for being the only no show at the conference that prioritized Halloween over the Climate Summit! But he could have appeared by Zoom and he didn’t. No fact checker dared to ask why. They didn’t tell me why either. They told me to send the question in on his website. I did that a month ago. Still no answer.
  6. Nobody that Katy Grimes knows saw him after being vaccinated when he was supposedly in the Sacramento office. Katy has a lot of Sacramento connections. Odd.
  7. Why is he going to Mexico in the middle of a pandemic? He just spent 2 weeks with his kids. Isn’t that enough family time?
  8. He was seen on December 5, 2021 in this video and he looks pretty recovered at this point.

Here’s how twitter reacted:

Now that’s he’s basically spent a month with his family, what will he use as his next excuse for staying out of public view?

Stay tuned. I’m sure there is more to this story coming. I’ll update it here as I learn more.

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