The geographies of the Pharma genocide

uTobian | 9 Dec 2021

I’ve been searching for the perfect metaphor or analogy to describe what’s going on. But then I realized that while there are some similarities to prior historical periods, in many ways what’s happening now is unprecedented. So the task before us is to identify the features of this genocide, how it works, and how it’s similar to or different from the past — so that we can look for points of leverage to overthrow the system.

Orienting principles

First, some orienting principles to guide the conversation:

The best available evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 is a man-made gain-of-function chimera virus that escaped from a bioweapons lab. Both U.S. and Chinese bioweapons researchers are involved.

Coronavirus vaccines do not stop infection, transmission, or bad health outcomes including death. After nearly 500 million doses in the U.S., all-cause mortality and COVID-19 deaths have increased. Doubling down on vaccination, with three, four, or infinite doses or even reformulated doses will not stop the pandemic. This virus was always a bad candidate for a vaccine and mRNA and adenovirus vectors are no great breakthrough and no panacea.

Pharma knows all of the above. The CIA, NSA, NIH, and senior Pentagon leadership do too.

Useful idiots in government do not necessarily understand the above even though they are the ones carrying out the orders. Only a handful of elected officials understand this.

If vaccines cause net harms, are being deployed worldwide, and every vaccine failure just leads to more vaccination, then this situation is best understood as a genocide.

Fauci, the FDA, CDC, NIH, and AMA are all blocking access to safe and effective treatments. This is a crime against humanity and clear evidence of genocidal intent. Every study in connection with every off the shelf treatment is listed (here).

Pharma has taken over the media and political system and is implementing the most draconian anti-science policies since the Third Reich. Totalitarianism is Pharma’s preferred form of government and they are working extremely hard to create a global totalitarian system of governance under their control.

Geography of the Pharma genocide

Okay so what do we know about the contours of the Pharma genocide thus far?

This is the first self-inflicted genocide in human history. Yes, the people at Masada and Jonestown killed themselves rather than surrender to a more powerful adversary. But those were much smaller groups (under 1,000 people each). There are elements of cult-like behavior now, but the people who are gleefully participating in their own demise do not see themselves as gripped by ideological fervor. Yes, the accused in the Moscow Show Trials participated in their own scripted confessions but that involved less than 100 people and it was likely part of a deal to spare their families from execution. What makes this genocide unique and unprecedented is the eager participation of the victims themselves.

This is the first simultaneous global genocide. Prior genocides were directed from the core (Europe and the United States) to the periphery (Africa, Latin America, and Asia). Then in the 20th century, genocides were directed toward targeted groups within a country — Jews, LGBT, communists, Gypsies, and Roma in Germany; and Jews and political adversaries in the Soviet Union. This genocide is unusual because we are witnessing the bourgeoisie across the developed world willingly destroying itself.

This is the first example of totalitarianism without nationalism. Totalitarianism and nationalism have always gone hand in hand — Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, and North Korea are some examples. But nation states do not exist anymore (except as a fanciful narrative to distract the peasants). Fauci developed this bioweapon in collaboration with the Chinese, supposedly our biggest military adversary. The forces of totalitarianism are not confined to any one particular country, rather they reside within every country. This is the elites vs. everyone else, across the whole world, simultaneously. In the absence of nation states it’s difficult to know where to turn to look for powerful allies to push back against Pharma.

The genocide this time is privatized — directed by management consultants and private contractors. So it is not exactly the classic fascist model of the state and the corporate sector behaving as one. Rather the corporate sector has the upper hand and is directing the state like a marionette.

The genocide this time is monetized. Pharma will squeeze every last dollar from you and your family before letting you expire. The Nazis stationed munitions and rubber factories at concentration camps to make use of slave labor. But Pharma’s goal in this genocide is to drain the wealth from every person in the developed world, from the comfort of your own home.

The genocide this time is decentralized. Lockdowns turn your house into a mini de facto ghetto. Yes the Australians have internment camps. But they are expensive and highly visible — thus difficult to scale up to a whole population. I doubt there will be trains this time. Rather the fascists will get people to drive themselves to decentralizing poisoning centers.

The genocide this time is slow. The fascists learned their lesson after World War II and will never fight a two front war again. Instead it seems that Pharma is happy to increase all cause mortality by 5% to 15% every year and keep it going for decades until they reach their goal of total control over a much smaller population.

The genocide this time is silent. There will be no military parades, no soldiers in the streets, and no visible war if they can help it. Life will look normal and underneath the placid surface people will die at an accelerated rate (this is already happening).

Mass Formation

In the 1950s and 1960s Dutch doctor Joost Meerloo did extraordinary work on the origins of totalitarianism. Many of you have seen this brilliant twenty-minute Academy of Ideas video, “Mass Psychosis: How an entire population becomes mentally ill” that summarizes some of Meerloo’s work:

Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University is doing some of the best work on the current rise of totalitarianism. Dr. Desmet studies what’s called “Mass Formation” — the conditions that produce collective delusions and willing participation in totalitarian systems. He provides a good summary of his views in the first fifteen minutes of this video:

Dr. Desmet argues that “mass formation is a specific phenomenon that emerges if certain conditions are met”:

The conditions are:

1. A lack of social connectedness;

2. A lack of meaning;

3. Free-floating anxiety (that is unconnected to any mental representation); and

4. Free-floating frustration and aggression.

(Obviously our modern society met all of these conditions prior to COVID.)

And then he argues that “a narrative is distributed via mass media that focuses anxiety and aggression on a certain object” (in this case a virus).

“When people start to participate in the strategy to deal with the object of anxiety a new kind of social bond and a new kind of meaning-making emerges.” Desmet calls it a “new kind of solidarity.”

This new narrative creates a heroic battle with the object of anxiety which leads to a “mental intoxication of connectedness” and (calming) feelings of order and control.

The more absurd the narrative the better it functions as a ritual because it shows that the participants belong to a group.

And through this process, people come to participate in, support, and identify with totalitarian systems.

I think Dr. Desmet’s analysis is brilliant and it explains so much of what we are experiencing right now.

Here’s the problem I have. The interviewer asked Dr. Desmet what “what can be done?” And he answers that totalitarian systems always overreach and destroy themselves, so by implication we just have to stand back, survive, and wait for that to happen.

That has a kernel of truth but it leaves out a lot. Sure, totalitarian systems are unsustainable in the long term. But millions of people die in the meantime.

Furthermore, the Nazis did not destroy themselves — the U.S. Army, the British Air Force, and the Russian Army destroyed the Nazis at the cost of millions of lives.

It took the USSR 80 years to “destroy itself” + a massive very sophisticated opposition that developed their skills over decades.

North Korea still has not destroyed itself.

And China has morphed into a modern capitalist totalitarian state that many tech robber barons seem to want to export to the whole world.

I think the antidote needs to match the four conditions that Desmet describes in the beginning. Our alternative must be:

1. More social connectedness;

2. More meaning-making (through spirituality, honest work, time with family & friends, and experiencing nature);

3. Properly identifying the source of our anxiety as our hurry up culture and helping people take the off-ramp to a parallel economy; and

4. Properly identifying the source of our frustration and aggression as the predatory system of monopoly capitalism and helping people take the off-ramp into a parallel economy based on mutual respect.

One last thought for now… what the pandemic has revealed to me is that the tendency toward totalitarianism is part of the human condition. Adam Curtis in his three-part documentary series The Living Dead argues that the world drew the wrong lessons from the Nuremberg trials. I think Curtis is correct when he asserts that it was a mistake to argue that the Nazis were uniquely evil — rather the lesson of World War II should have been that the shadow of evil resides in the hearts of all men.

So that’s what we’re up against. It’s sobering af. But I think a clear map of what we are dealing with is essential as we build the resistance and work to dismantle the genocidal Pharma regime.

Blessings to all of the warriors. 🙏✊

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