More “sudden deaths” reported here and there (but NOT by “our free press”)

Mark Crispin Miller | 11 Jan 2022

How many will it take before they either tell the truth about what’s going on, or pay the price for covering it up?

Scroll down for eight more links to recent news of “sudden deaths”—untimely deaths—that made some news.

They represent a tiny fraction of the number of the dead, most of whom were well-known only to their family and friends, so that their passing made no headlines.

It will take much time and effort to determine, roughly, just how many have been killed; but, before we get to setting up appropriate tribunals for that mammoth task, and then museums to keep it going, we can get some sense of the scale of this new, inexplicit Holocaust from the incisive work that some are doing now.

For example, there is this analysis of the VAERS data, finding over 900 people who died the very day they got their shots, or the day after:

Here’s a powerful interview with Dr. Pierre Kory, on the staggering number of post-”vaccination” deaths that we’ve already seen, and may expect to see:

Here’s a good piece, in the Daily Exposé, on the “huge, huge, huge” rise in mortality revealed by data gathered by the US life insurance giant OneAmerica, and noted by all life insurance companies. “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we gave seen in the history of this business—not just at OneAmerica,” said Scott Davison, that firm’s CEO. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

And, finally, here’s a chilling glance at all the American doctors who dropped dead between mid-October and Nov. 30:

So how much evidence do we need—how many people must “die suddenly” or “unexpectedly,” before their time—before the media acknowledges the toll that those “vaccines” are taking? The frightening answer seems to be that no amount of such clear evidence, no number of the “vaccinated” dead, will move the media—whether corporate or alternative—to see the truth, and tell it; because they’re too far gone, their minds completely and forever closed, their eyes wide shut, to the unspeakable in which they’ve played the central role.

After all, they too have been dropping dead before their time; and yet not even those deaths have impelled any of the rest of them to face the awful truth about the program they’ve been selling us so zealously—working like demons (one might say) to get every single one of us injected. When CNN/MSNBC legal analyst Midwin Charles dropped dead last April, at 47, a few months after she was publicly and proudly “vaccinated,” that prior injection wasn’t mentioned by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, or Court TV’s Nancy Grace, or any of the other colleagues pumping out lugubrious farewells online. Nor has the Washington Post been moved to qualify, or even reconsider, its fanatical devotion to the jabs, since the sudden death, in May, of its sports editor, David Larimer—killed, at 47, by “an apparent heart attack”—and then, last month, the sudden death of Fred Hiatt, overseer of the Post’s relentlessly pro-”vaccine” editorial page, though he dropped dead at only 66, from cardiac arrest. Nor has NPR been moved at all to modify its total dedication to the program, since the sudden death, in mid-November, of Petra Mayer, NPR books editor, killed, at 46, by a pulmonary embolism.

Those are only four of all the journalists who, worldwide, have “died suddenly” since the “vaccines” were rolled out a year ago; and there will be too many more, before this nightmare ends. But it seems no likelier that “our free press” will be moved, by all those losses, to change course on the “vaccines” than has the medical establishment, which, despite its losses, seems just as fiercely (and unscientifically) pro-”vaccine” as ever.

I hope I’m wrong about both professions; but we can’t sit here waiting for the doctors or the journalists (or the professoriate) to find their consciences—because this is war; and they’ve been helping wage it against all the rest of us, even though it’s also killing them. It’s therefore up to us to do the only thing we can to save ourselves, which is to stop them, and their masters, and bring them all to justice, so that we can begin the world over again, and, at last, fully live.

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