My Testimony For The Upcoming Senate Hearing on Monday, January 24, 2022

Pierre Kory | 21 Jan 2022

Senator Ron Johnson again invited me to a hearing addressing the U.S pandemic response failure. I was asked to provide counter-examples of highly successful responses from around the world. Enjoy.

I am giving Senate testimony again. This time, I am even more outraged. BRING. IT. ON.

Senator Johnson asked a group of COVID physician experts to attend a speaker panel this upcoming Monday (after the March!) to address the numerous aspects of the U.S COVID response which either failed, were corrupted, were unnecessary, or could have been greatly improved.

The panel title should really borrow the English translated title of the 2020 French best-selling book by Dr. Christian Perrone, “What else could they have gotten wrong in COVID-19? The sacred union of incompetence and arrogance” (to be accurate, it really should have been titled the unholy union of arrogance and corruption). We are supposed to keep our remarks brief, like 400 words or less as the Q and A will be the most impactful. I tried.. closest I could come was just under 500 words. Let’s go:

There are now rapidly increasing numbers of national and regional health ministries that employed either widespread distribution or “test and treat” programs with ivermectin that show that, had we done the same in the U.S, we could have single-handedly achieved near complete control of case counts, hospitalizations rates, and deaths. Early treatment program results from around the world show the following:

·      Mexico City – The IMSSS Health Agency compared over 50,000 patients treated early with ivermectin to over 70,000 not treated and found up to a 75% reduction in need for hospitalization.

·      La Misiones, Argentina – Health Ministry analyzed the data from 4,000 ivermectin treated patients and, compared to the rest of the population over the same time period, found a 75% reduction in need for hospital and an 88% reduction in death.

·      Uttar Pradesh, India – Using a strategy of close surveillance combined with both ivermectin treatment of all positive cases and preventive treatment of all family contacts. On September 10, 2021, only 11 cases with no deaths were recorded in a population of 241 million..with 67 of their 75 districts having no active cases at the time.

·      The Brazilian city of Itajai offerred ivermectin as prevention to the entire city’s population with 133,051 (60%) agreeing to take ivermectin every two weeks for 6 months. Compared to the 45,716 city inhabitants that declined to use ivermectin, ivermectin users were 47% less likely to contract illness, had a 70% lower mortality rate, and a 67% lower hospitalization rate. By the end of the 6 month program, the citywide COVID mortality fell from 6.8% to 1.8%.

·      La Pampas, Argentina – Health Ministry compared over 2,000 patients they treated early with ivermectin to over 12,000 without treatment and found that in patients over 40, rates of ICU admission and death both fell by 40%.  

·      Peru – A nationwide mass-distribution program called “Mega-Operación Tayta” (MOT), initiated at various times across 25 states of Peru in May 2020, led to a 74% drop in regional excess deaths within a month, with each drop beginning 11 days after each MOT region’s varied start times

·      The Health Ministry of Sultan Kudarat in the Phillipines launched an ivermectin drive and found that cases rapidly dropped by 86%. compared to nearby regions

·      In Japan, the President of the Tokyo Medical Association recommended that all physicians start to use ivermectin as early treatment during their summer surge. They are now recording the lowest rate of COVID hospitalization in the pandemic.

·      23 countries (39 including NGO’s) have now given either partial or full approval for use in COVID, which encompasses 25% of the world’s population.

The data that I have shared here today is being suppressed across most of the world. United States Health Agency structures and policies created over the last 50 years have tightly intertwined the pharmaceutical industry with public health institutions, resulting in repeated policies placing pharmaceutical industry interests ahead of the welfare of U.S citizens.  The industry’s capture of our health agencies, combined with their increasing financial control of most major media, social media, and medical journals, has led to an ability to widely suppress and/or distort any information which supports the efficacy of repurposed, low-cost, off-patent medicines. Their decades-long “war on repurposed drugs,” waged with the ever-present goal of protecting the market for novel, patented, obscenely profitable, and often barely-tested, toxic products reached a pinnacle in COVID-19. The impacts of their “dis-information” war on repurposed medicines now constitute crimes against humanity given the global morbidity, mortality, and loss of societal and economic liberties that could have been avoided if such information would have been widely disseminated.

P.S I am honored to have been invited by Dr. Chris Martenson and Peak Prosperity to their Annual Seminar as part of a speaker panel including some powerhouse thought leaders. Don’t miss it folks. Register using this link:


World-wide Rally for Freedom Day, Sunday January 23 (note we are marching in solidarity with many other countries on that day)

Join us for a March in Washington, DC to protest the numerous harmful infringements of societal and health freedoms that have been implemented in COVID, such as; forced COVID vaccinations of the naturally immune, forced COVID vaccinations of healthy children, and the interference with a physicians ability to care for their COVID patients.

Gather at the Washington Monument by 11:30a.m. Then we will march to the Lincoln Memorial (1 mile) to listen to COVID thought leaders, experts, and activists as they give a series of short, powerful statements. I am one of them.. and I am pumped!

United We Stand, in Peace We March.  Bring friends and jackets – and transistor radios in case you come late and/or can’t get close enough to the amplified areas of sound. Given the number of people estimated, cell phone service is unlikely to hold up, even for just radio.

Go to for details

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