Thinking Points, Feb. 13, 2022

Utobian | 13 Feb 2022

Revolution, right wing progressives, Titania McGrath, capture, Pfizer gives up on India, cotton candy, dancing, a list of demands

Here are my latest thinking points:


We are in the midst of a worldwide revolution against Pharma totalitarianism and it all started with Canadian truckers.

New political categories

Pharma-Induced Mass Psychosis (PIMP) has completely reordered existing political categories.

There are now right wing progressives and right wing Marxists who identify with genocidal billionaires and hate the working class even while parroting the usual left talking points.

The Question Authority people are now on Team Obey.

The libertarians are now the counter culture and the iconoclastic alternative to Corporate Dems.

Christian fundamentalists are the new hippies and have embraced organic gardening and off-grid living.

What would you add to this list?

Titania McGrath

I’m completely fascinated by Titania McGrath. It’s a parody account of left woke-ism created and run by Andrew Doyle a British comedian. More background (here). Titania McGrath is so pitch perfect that it’s indistinguishable from many actual identify-left accounts.

The parody has led to two books (Woke: A Guide to Social JusticeMy First Little Book of Intersectional Activism), fiercely satirical articles (“The villainy of J.K. Rowling”), and a stage play (“Mxnifesto”).

I usually do not like satire but this is pure genius. The left famously says that the right cannot do humor but that was before the left became humorless and this account is hilarious.

But here’s what’s weird, the left is so predictable at this point, that many of the most outlandish statements posted by Titania McGrath actually end up coming true — 14 times in the last couple years (see collection posted in the thread below).

How is it possible that a parody of the left becomes the actual script of the left? And I think there are two answers. There actually is no left, there are people following a heavily-promoted script. And the left script is actually written by large corporations.

Whatever the noble intentions, today every left issue has become co-opted and captured — the climate narrative is written by billionaires, the trans narrative is written by Pharma, the race narrative is written by Nike and others, women are completely erased (not sure who’s driving that), and of course the vaccine narrative is written by Pharma.

It all passes through a network of dark money with ambiguous names that can keep donors anonymous and fund everything from non-profits to big media buys to candidates in elections.

1960s idealism was co-opted and turned into a Trojan Horse for a corporate takeover of society. I, of course, like many of these ideals and think it’s tragic to see them used for these ends. And now it has just become self parody.

Capture goes so far beyond government regulatory agencies.

Autism is an industry now. Billions of dollars spent on Applied Behavioral Analysis every year even though it is now widely seen as traumatizing and dehumanizing for people on the spectrum. Billions spent on searching for the “gene for” autism even though that theory of the case is now completely discredited. Billions of dollars spent on academics and grants to talk about autism and do absolutely nothing of substance to help. Institutions exist to reproduce themselves. None of these institutions ever want autism to actually be figured out.

By the same token, anti-terrorism is an industry. Billions spent on Homeland Security, TSA, airport scanners, tactical gear for local police, and digital surveillance. None of these institutions ever want terrorism to go away. They want to keep reproducing it and themselves. Allowing Afghanistan to revert to a lawless wasteland is a best case scenario for them — gotta have a place to develop the next generation of jihadists, just like before.

Covid is now a multi-trillion dollar a year industry. White coats, testing companies, every mainstream reporter sucking on Pharma’s teats, mediocre academics studying the made up field of misinformation studies rolling around in cash like Scrooge McDuck. None of these people ever want Covid to go away. Covid is the best thing that ever happened to them. Pharma fascism is paradise because they are the new ruling class.

NONE OF THESE PEOPLE are looking out for the good of the whole — not the Supreme Court, not elected officials (who just service the various cartels), certainly not the media, and not most religious leaders.

The only people looking out for the well-being of individuals and our nation are parents, truck drivers, and Substackers. (I’m sure you can think of a few more but you get my point.)

Mind blowing

There are 1.4 billion potential customers for mRNA shots in India. And Pfizer would rather walk away from that entire market than allow an independent clinical trial!? WOW!

That really says it all. Pfizer knows that their product is complete junk.

Truckers are winning the narrative war

“Extremism” according to WEF intern Justin Trudeau

A list of demands

At the peak of its popularity, Occupy Wall Street had encampments in 800 cities around the world. But the movement ultimately failed, for a lot of reasons, the biggest of which was that they did not have a clear list of demands. “Someone else solve this” is never a winning political strategy. And one can never declare victory and leave the town square in the absence of an achievable list of demands.

Okay cool, what are our demands?

1. The people who caused this problem all need to resign immediately. Fauci, Collins, Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Scott Morrison, Jacinda Ardern. You’re done.

2. Prosecute the 48 leaders of the genocide.

3. Amend Constitutions across the developed world to guarantee bodily autonomy so that this can never happen again.

4. Repeal liability protection and remove intellectual property protection for Pharma.

5. Seize and break up the big five vaccine makers (Merck, Pfizer, GSK, Sanofi, and Moderna), sell off their assets, and use the money to pay reparations to injured families.

6. Seize and break up Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

That’s my initial list, what would you add to it?

Blessings to the warriors! 🙌

Prayers for the truckers! 🙏

The revolution is now underway, please contribute in every way that you can. ✊

Lots of material to work with in this article so please share your thoughts. I’m especially curious to know what you would add, amend, or subtract from our list of demands.

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