Reasons to reject the Pfizer and Moderna applications to inject mRNA into kids

uTobian | 30 Mar 2022

The future of the U.S. and humanity itself are at stake. Let’s roll!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been contacting the FDA and CDC to tell them to REJECT the Pfizer Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application to inject genetically modified mRNA into kids under 5.

We now have to add Moderna into the conversation because they are trying to get their mRNA shot authorized for kids as well — even though it does not work against Covid and has a 15% adverse event rate.

Reasons to reject the Pfizer and Moderna applications to inject mRNA into little kids

1. There is no Covid emergency for children under five years old.

Children have a 99.997% recovery rate and a body of medical literature indicates that almost zero healthy children under five years old have died from Covid.

• A large study conducted in Germany showed zero deaths for children under 5 and a case fatality rate of three out of a million in children without comorbidities.

•A Johns Hopkins study monitoring 48,000 children diagnosed with Covid showed a zero mortality rate in children under 18 without comorbidities.

•A study in Nature demonstrated that children under 18 with no comorbidities have virtually no risk of death.

2. The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots do not work very well in kids

The Pfizer clinical trial in kids 6 months to four years old failed in December 2021 and failed again in February 2022. Adding a third dose is not going to solve the underlying problems with this shot in this age group.

Real world evidence shows that after one month, the Pfizer shot was only 12% effective in kids 5 to 11; after 6 weeks vaccine effectiveness was a shocking MINUS 41% (meaning vaccinated children were significantly more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated). Recommending a shot with negative efficacy is insanity.

The Moderna mRNA shot failed to reach the FDA-mandated threshold of 50% effectiveness against infection and made no difference in hospitalizations or deaths from Covid in kids. The Moderna mRNA shot caused a 15% adverse event rate and has been linked with myocarditis (which is why Moderna’s application to inject teenagers has been stalled since last June).

By contrast, there are more than 1,500 studies in connection with about twenty off-the-shelf medicines that are safe and effective. Prophylaxis and early treatment with these medicines offer a better alternative than risky mRNA shots.

3. The harms from Covid shots in children are catastrophic.

There are now 44,975 VAERS reports of adverse events in children following Covid shots. These reports likely understate harms by a factor of 41 to 100.

There are troubling reports of fatalities in children following Covid shots:

Everyone knows that FDA authorization = CDC adding it to the childhood schedule = liability protection forever = mandates = widespread iatrogenic injury.

The FDA and CDC have a professional and moral obligation to REJECT the Pfizer and Moderna applications to inject mRNA into kids 6 months to 4 years old.

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