False flag arrives in Ukraine War

Russians With Attitude | 4 Apr 2022

Right on time, another false flag arrives in Ukraine War. This time, it’s Russians leaving dead civilians along the streets tied up as they exited, with Ukraine claiming a genocide of conscriptable men took place in a suburb of Kiev Russian troops briefly entered and then left.

The give-aways this was a false flag were apparent from the get go:

a) cartoonish, comical, caricature of Russians;

b) an event meant to trigger raw emotional responses only; and

c) Russians have nothing to profit from the event, and their adversaries everything to profit. It didn’t take long for folks to figure out the timelines were wrong (bodies found in public places only several days after Russia left), visual proof of anomalies (the dead wearing pro-Russia white armbands, not pro-Ukraine blue armbands), and then video evidence to emerge of Azov battalions in the area in the days before, boasting about killing civilians without blue armbands

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