The Post-Pandemic Medical State

Hatchard Report | 6 May 2022

A few months ago I requested that the local authority remove a couple of trees on their land that were leaning dangerously over our driveway.

Today I received an email affirming that they had completed the work. I went down to look at the result and the trees were still standing. They had ticked all the boxes, assessed tree health, taken photographs, written reports, and then axed some trees somewhere, but not mine.

I immediately thought: “This is why you shouldn’t put the government in sole charge of your personal health

This week our government announced that it was extending the success (??) of the pandemic vaccination programme to include multiple other vaccines. It is creating a personal vaccination journal for every person.

No thanks, I want to write my own journal and retain my right of informed decision and medical privacy. My father died after being prescribed medication that was contraindicated for his condition. It was a mistake for which no one accepted responsibility and there was no redress.

As long as they follow the rule book supplied by the pharmaceutical industry, doctors will get paid whether their patients get better or not. They will not face discipline even if their patients die as a result.


In fact, medical misadventure is the third leading cause of death. 50% of the population suffer from at least one chronic illness—illness which will never get better despite a lifetime of medication. The pharmaceutical industry makes so much profit, that even when they do lose in court, it’s a flea bite in their cash flow.

If a surgeon cuts off the wrong leg, he will face court proceedings, so why don’t GPs and the drug manufacturers face meaningful consequences if their drug prescriptions cause harm?

The New Zealand Bill of Rights is Being Ignored

Although New Zealand doesn’t have a written constitution as such, it does have a set of practices and values which are underpinned by statutes and conventions. These include the right of medical choice.

Curiously, the medical profession, encouraged by the government, seems to be mostly exempt from these rules. Employers now also have a right to invade your medical privacy and insist that they control what goes in your body.

I’m appealing to ordinary people here to think this through. If someone is doing a job but there are few if any consequences when something goes horribly wrong, is that a good system?

I hope you are saying NO.

Now, what if they are not even obliged to explain themselves or catch up with the latest knowledge in their field? What if compliance is compulsory?

That is precisely the situation we find ourselves in. For the last few weeks I have been highlighting newly published studies in leading journals pointing to serious dangers of mRNA vaccination, but the medical profession is keeping mum.

Worse, there is still an unending stream of government advertising urging boosters and advising of their efficacy and safety. Employers are still enforcing mandates with the sanction of the government.


There is a long history here of erosion of ethical standards and safety procedures. Doctors appear to be advising the government to require us to pop the pills and suffer the shots, but they don’t want to be responsible for what happens and they want to get paid, come what may. Your employer now owns certain rights over your body.

The government says it is obliged to ensure that everyone follows medical advice. Obligated by what and by whom? No one seems to know, because there is no law that says that should be the case (quite the reverse actually).

We could call it a case of constitutional overreach, but this would be just a few fancy words covering up what in any other profession would be called a crime.

If a fun fair ride collapses, injuring some children, the owner is responsible. There are no arguments that can be advanced in mitigation. The owner cannot say thousands have ridden safety and these ones were just unlucky. Yet that is precisely the medical excuse.—Thousands have been vaccinated, some have died—unfortunate, but necessary.

How so necessary? We now know mRNA vaccination is not preventing transmission, hospitalisation, or death from Covid. It should be quite clear by now that the protection promised through mRNA vaccination is a faded dream promoted by pharmaceutical companies, hired experts, compliant doctors, and paid media. Certainly, no reason to hand over our right of medical choice to the post-pandemic medical state.

The Post-pandemic State is Manipulative

Yesterday (and most days) we were given a taste of what the post-pandemic medical state looks like. It was revealed the government has been paying Fuse Creative, a brand agency, to promote pandemic policy.

As a result, pop stars like Anika Moa and pop culture radio stations like The Edge and many others have been pumping out the good oil. Fuse Creative alone reportedly received $50,000 for one weekend’s work.

Presumably in the near future medical product placement will be normalised.

In the next Zombie Apocalypse movie, expect to see the zombies injected with something labelled mRNA. Miraculously they will be restored, a few unlucky zombies might drop dead, then the hero will tell us that it is the price of freedom.

Today a Guardian article written by Ian Sample (or was it Simple?) used phrases like “the roaring success of Covid vaccines” adjacent to phrases like “the virus remains rampant in the face of mass immunity”. The combination of hyperbole and oxymoron dazzles.

The article went on to say we need a nasal vaccine to complement the mRNA injection. Possibly in some future medical dystopia (which might just be now), the rich will wear aqualungs with vaccine added to their air and the poor will just have to spray it on their fish and chips.

If we swallow this tripe, we only have ourselves to blame. Highly qualified scientists (more and more of them) are sounding the alarm, while the paid media remain stuck in a grove. Doctors are keeping the faith. They are prepared to go down with the ship.

Questions are Being Ignored

We ordinary citizens should remember it is normal to ask questions and abnormal to refuse to answer. The list of unanswered questions has become very long.

It is extraordinary to listen to the outrage of medical experts, the government, and the media if their pandemic advice is challenged. Puffed up with importance, immunity from prosecution, and lack of accountability, the medical profession has guided the whole country across legal boundaries. Given an inch, they have taken a mile, and now wish for more.

If you have a reaction after eating peanuts, your doctor will tell you to avoid them. If you have a reaction after vaccination, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield will likely require you to have more shots.

This is the new post-pandemic medical state, all aboard or you will lose your job. Steel yourself to be pricked and poisoned by someone who has assumed constitutional supremacy, while the government and their loyal opposition nod sagely in approval.

No one is above the law. We do have a Bill of Rights. It should be followed.

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