The regulatory capture of “unexplained” deaths

Bad Cattitude | 7 June 2022

turning up the gaslights so that no one can see

it’s a bizarrely intrinsic article of faith among humanity that one can trade liberty for safety and that if we just put “good, smart people” in change and let them tell us what to do, they will protect us.

of all the pabulum passing as panacea, this one is the one that gets you. over and over. because the sorts of people that float to the top of such systems are never better or smarter this time and the systems themselves are always captured, again and again, by cronyism and special interest. just like last time.

it’s just public choice theory 101. (and no one should be allowed to study econ or political science without first reading buchanan and tullock. it’s like teaching demolitions without first teaching safe handing of explosives)

it’s how you wind up in a world where the response to data like this:

and this:

becomes this:

and this:


neither the media nor the health agencies and officials are staying silent. they are actively gaslighting and flat out making up syndromes to explain away an inconvenient fact pattern: they just pushed the most dangerous and ineffective vaccines in human history upon a credulous public and the effects are starting to get really, really bad and the big truth of it is becoming to vast for the big lie to eclipse.

the tales are getting so tall that they appear starved of oxygen. (heck, they cannot even seem to keep their SADS acronyms straight because they are all making up too much misinformation too rapidly to coordinate it)

and medicine is devolving to this something akin to a cartoon.

and make no mistake, this is all about following the money and evading the responsibility.

pfizer has not yet released comirnaty, the approved version of their vaccine.

and they probably never will.

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