NZ health authorities completely out of their depth

Guy Hatchard | 30 June 2022

Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, the medical establishment, and unicorns.

Or how on earth did we arrive where we are today?

A couple of days ago I received a conciliatory reply from Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, our soon-to-resign Director General of Health. Dr Bloomfield agreed to submit some recently published scientific findings I had sent him to his “Science and Insights team to review it as part of their ongoing review of emerging data and evidence on COVID-19 and on vaccines.”

In another respect Dr. Bloomfield differed from my analysis stating categorically “there are no ‘elevated rates of all-cause mortality’ in New Zealand” I wrote back begging to differ and stating my case from my statistical perspective. I believe the statistical data we are currently seeing qualify as ‘unicorns’—they are so far from previous norms that they should raise red flags (I have discussed these in numerous articles including here and here and here and here). So who is right?

When I was growing up in law biding and generally safe post-war Britain, there was a sensational crime known as the A6 murder. A couple out romancing in their Morris Minor car stopped at a field off the road. At some point a very nervous masked man carrying a gun appeared and ordered the couple to drive him around. After a six hour ordeal, he impulsively shot the driver and later also the man’s partner whom he left for dead. She survived and a manhunt ensued which gripped the nation and hogged the headlines for weeks. Eventually James Hanratty was arrested and convicted. The evidence against him was very thin. He went to the gallows protesting his innocence.

There followed forty years of calls for inquiries and pardons supported by celebrities like John Lennon and Yoko Ono, but in 2002 DNA analysis proved that Hanratty was actually guilty. Hanratty was a small-time thief, the A6 event was the first time he had been known to carry a gun. The girl’s account showed that he didn’t know how to handle a holdup, several times he asked them not to talk to him while he tried to think it through. Hanratty was in an entirely unfamiliar situation and failed to act rationally. His eventual panic would have devastating consequences.

As the pandemic started back in late 2019, scientists, medical experts, and governments also found themselves in a novel situation whose final outcome was unknown to them. They were going to have to make up their response as events unfolded. At first they feared the worst and acted accordingly with lockdowns and talk of mass casualties. Then they fell back onto familiar territory when the word ‘vaccine’ came to their rescue, but this was no ordinary vaccine, it involved the mass inoculation of billions of people with genetically active material. This was a completely novel approach which animal studies had already shown to be very risky. Just like Hanratty and his gun, they were using something with which they were entirely unfamiliar and for which they were unprepared.

The rate of adverse events reported following mRNA vaccination really is a unicorn. It very quickly became apparent that it was running at more than 50 times that of any previous vaccine—a statistical anomaly so huge that it should have raised red flags. The government and the medical establishment knew this, but they needed time to think it through. Time that they didn’t have.

They decided without any confirming data that the notion of a ‘vaccine’ was a sufficient guarantee of ultimate safety. A member of the Skegg Committee advising the government wrote to me in August 2021 saying that although the vaccine was possibly a primitive first attempt and admittedly did not live up to expectations, he was sure they would get it right in the end. The stage was set and the die was cast.

Nearly a year later alarming data is being published. Working age people in the USA enrolled in group insurance plans are dying at rates never seen before and it is not related to Covid infection. The latest figures from Lincoln National reveal a 163% increase in 2021. This is not just unusual, this is statistically inconceivable. It is a unicorn event. Inoculated US army personnel are also suffering unprecedented rates of cardiac problems and other conditions. Professional sportsmen including young people are falling ill on the field at rates never seen before. Something has gone terribly wrong.

Just like Hanratty protesting his innocence to the grave, medical authorities, governments, and the media who endorsed the mRNA vaccines will apparently do anything but admit their fault. Pharmaceutical companies who stand to profit for years to come have been trying to hide or obfuscate data.

The latest excuse is called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). SADS is not actually an illness but an acronym invented to describe the fate of people who die suddenly. The recent use of the term as if it were a known transmissible illness covers up the association between the Covid vaccines and the unprecedented mortality statistics. (Watch legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek connect the dots on GB News explaining why so many healthy young people are falling sick or dying unexpectedly—it’s due to Covid vaccination).

An article in Stuff newspaper this afternoon reports a case of a year 10 sport-loving student diagnosed with the rare Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) who is unfortunately in an induced coma. GBS is a known complication following mRNA vaccination which we have previously reported, but the Stuff article does not mention this association.

This is a measure of the confusion that has now enveloped pandemic policy. Governments and so-called medical experts are grasping at straws and inventing excuses. As the hours wore on for Hanratty, driven round and round through the night in the cramped Morris Minor, he became increasingly desperate and dangerous. Things were not working out in the way he had perhaps hoped.

Our problem runs deeper than anyone in authority has admitted to date. mRNA vaccination is designed to reprogram immune system responses, inadvertently limiting its capacity to respond flexibly to other pathogens. This leaves some vaccine recipients with immune deficiencies and increased vulnerability to disease (the NZ government today announced new more frequent Covid testing regimes in response to rising rates of Covid reinfection).

Lowered immunity could certainly be contributing to poor Covid infection outcomes and serious adverse events, but it may also possibly lead to a resurgence in new variants of deadly diseases thought to have vanished for good such as smallpox and polio.

These diseases and many other deadly pathogens were eradicated primarily because of advances in hygiene and nutrition during the twentieth century. Their incidence was steeply declining before universal vaccination was introduced. Greatly improved nutrition and hygiene enhanced the capacity of our immune system response. If immunity declines, as appears to be the case at present, incidence of these diseases may re-emerge.

Genetic material is incredibly invasive and mobile. Like the bee in the popular Netflix series Man vs Bee, genetic material is very difficult to contain. On November 13 2020 the World Health Organisation granted emergency use to a novel oral polio vaccine developed by the Gates Foundation. The vaccine is designed to treat type 2 vaccine-derived poliovirus—the same type of polio just identified in the UK’s first polio outbreak in 40 years. The Wuhan Virology Laboratory had been experimenting with monkeypox virus prior to the current global outbreak.

With the proliferation of biotechnology labs investigating deadly pathogens like smallpox and polio (something that was occurring even before the pandemic) accidents are bound to happen. Along with the decrease in immune system function due to mRNA vaccination, government support for biotech may have created a perfect storm of vulnerability to disease.

Fortunately there are signs that some scientists are taking the hippocratic oath to do no harm more seriously. An article by a Japanese scientist in Virology Journal June 5th 2022 is an example of the precautionary approach that is now being called for by a number of well qualified researchers.

Biotechnology labs including clandestine bioweapons programmes are deadly breeding grounds for novel illnesses which will inevitably escape. If they are not controlled and risky research paused, we could all be in for even more serious unicorn events in the coming years. Genetic organisms and alterations cannot be withdrawn like faulty consumer products, they are out there for good.

Let us hope that, unlike in Hanratty’s case, it doesn’t take forty years for the truth to be recognised. Cool heads and precautionary policies are required. There needs to be a willingness to admit mistakes and consider the obvious deficiencies and risks of current policies. We don’t need inflexible approaches or jumpy fingers pulling triggers. We don’t need to drive blindly out into the night. Nor do we need unconvincing claims that there is nothing to worry about. Eventually governments will have to act to limit biotechnology experimentation, it is only a matter of time until the penny drops.

Be brave, strong and resilient,

Guy Hatchard

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