Fauci to step down

Bad Cattitude | 18 July 2022

teflon tony to step down

announces plans to leave by the end of the biden admin

after 50+ years of being “the science” with which one may not disagree, he who has been heretofore untouchable is retiring.

he’s in his 80’s, so this is not altogether unexpected.

but my gatospies™ have procured a possibly genuine first draft of his resignation letter by crumpling it up into a ball and batting it out the door when no one was looking.

this text seems to have been removed from the final:

“something, something, “to spend more time in non-extradition countries,” something something…”

i wonder why they took it out?

and so the question of “who will replace this august autocrat?” starts to surge to the fore.

a humble suggestion:

(because let’s face it, i wore it best…)

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