German health minister appears to say antibody prevalence doesn’t matter, inadvertently questions the entire premise of vaccination

Eugyppius | 20 July 2022

So, somebody conducted a serology survey of German youth, and found that 95% of have SARS-2 antibodies. Mysteriously, results like this make the Corona astrologers very, very nervous. Thus insufferable Drosten student Isabella Eckerle felt compelled to descend from the virological realm and declare that the DaTA HavEN’t BeEN ProPErlY AnAlYSeD and that investigators need to interpret study results before communicating them, lest we rabble get the wrong idea.

Then, German Health Minister, go-to-eugyppius-villain, and terminal idiot Karl Lauterbach, agreed and amplified:

Many hope a study finding that a large number of people in Germany already have antibodies would spell the end of the pandemic. But that’s wrong, because a positive antibody test is no proof that you’re protected against infection. Even deadly outcomes are still possible.

Just to be clear: Lauterbach, who has repeatedly blamed rising infections on the vaccine refuseniks; who as recently as last September spoke of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”; and who has been urging a fourth dose on ever younger people (in the process provoking conflict with German vaccine regulatory authorities and even earning a scolding from his fan girl Christina Berndt), now believes that antibodies are not a meaningful metric for determining where we are in the pandemic at all.

Perhaps the time has come to call for a total and complete shutdown of vaccination until our health ministers can figure out what is going on.

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