The New Zealand Government is Ready to Do It All Again

Guy Hatchard | 11 Aug 2022

The Danish government has from 1st July stopped giving Covid vaccines to anyone under age 18 due to absence of benefit.

The EU has flagged similar concerns. The Western Australian government has ruled that out of nearly one million covid cases just 18 people died specifically of Covid.

Germany’s largest health insurer, Techniker Krankenkasse, reports that 1 in 25 of its policyholders had to undergo medical treatment for Covid vaccine side effects in 2021.

Here in New Zealand, the public has been kept in ignorance of such overseas developments. Mainstream media is still reporting that boosters are essential, safe, and effective (against all evidence).

The New Zealand family court is supporting parents who wish to force Covid vaccination of their young children against the wishes of their spouse. Some university courses and employers are still insisting on proof of vaccination as a prerequisite.

The New Zealand government began this week to ramp up advertising for a second booster.

The Ministry of Health has admitted ‘adjusting’ Covid data. Apparently in favour of satisfactory results for boosted individuals, but won’t say how it is doing it.

They are touting outcomes which are frankly unbelievable such as a 13 times higher Covid risk if you are under 50 and unvaccinated. A figure completely at odds with previous published official NZ data and with overseas published studies.

The Government Launches a Public Consultation on Pandemic Ethics

On 26 July, the Ministry of Health released an 80 page document Ethical Guidance for a Pandemic which reads as a justification of everything that the government has done with no genuine reflection on the mistakes that have been made. The implication is that New Zealand can expect to go through the same again whenever a new mild infectious illness emerges.

Unbelievably, the document does not contain a single reference to adverse reactions to Covid vaccination, nor does it reference the use of novel genetic technology and the serious outcomes dogging prior gene therapy experiments.

The assumption appears to be that our health professionals, administrators, and government agencies will always know best and should be allowed to overrule any individual or public concerns and preferences with impunity.

The document implies that the government legitimately has the power to overrule the provisions of the New Zealand Bill of Rights as long as there is a pandemic as defined by the World Health Organization, (whose directives and publications are referenced 25 times in the document). This includes the use of coercive measures.

The need for ‘informed consent’ is not mentioned once.

From its title, this should be a document about medical ethics which in large part are intended to protect the rights, health, and life of individuals, but there is no mention of the refusal of the Ministry of Health to grant vaccine exemptions to many people injured by their first shot—a policy which was far in excess of even the Pfizer mRNA vaccine safety guidelines.

There is no mention of the unprecedented number of deaths subsequent to Covid vaccination or the refusal of the Ministry of Health to acknowledge that temporal association is a criteria of causal relationship.

There is no mention of the long history of medical misadventure and the traditional role of medical ethics in this field.

Even in regard to conventional medicine, you might have thought that the document should reference repeated mistakes authorising harmful and ineffective drugs for a variety of conditions. Including for example the prescription of prozac and other drugs for depression, thalidomide, and 462 other drugs similarly withdrawn since 1950.

These might have provided an example of the need for caution during a pandemic, but no, the Ministry of Health evidently considers the pharmaceutical industry above suspicion, wrongdoing, and reproach.

Last year 128,000 people died in the USA alone from opioid overdose involving approved prescription drugs such as the painkiller fentanyl. No worries, the doctor knows best.

In the UK one third of all hospital admissions among the over 75s are due to drug reactions. In the USA medical misadventure is now the third leading cause of death.

We have, in this way, unconcernedly entered an era of reducing longevity, but that lack of concern will not last long. The disappearance of life years and quality of life from individuals, families, and the workplace will increasingly make itself felt and regretted.

If you want to consider why the facts can’t remain hidden for very much longer read this substack blog from Steve Kirsch which reports the chain of mortality following mRNA vaccination.

You can register your opinion on the deficiencies of the Ministry of Health public consultation pandemic document on ethics here, I encourage you to do so.

Reflect with me for a minute on one of the causes of these deficiencies.

MPs and representatives of all parties in most nations of the world have a relationship with pharmaceutical companies. In many cases it involves a two way exchange of money. More than two thirds of the US congress received a check from pharma in 2021.

Big pharma, in turn, relies on government approval and funding of its products. In this way, the use of political power to promote the exclusively pharmaceutical model of medicine has become a matter of unquestioned routine.

Research shows that improvements in diet and lifestyle can in large part protect us against the worst outcomes of future pandemics

The truth is that the safest and by far the most effective verified responses in any pandemic remain the simplest—adequate diet, hygiene, freedom from pollutants and ultra processed foods, rest, exercise, and time for enjoyment.

None of these gets a mention in the MoH guidance on pandemic ethics.

Medical Economics journal reported in its 19 November 2010 edition: $1.8 trillion (75%) of the $2.4 trillion spent on health care in 2009 is attributable to preventable lifestyle behaviours.

Curiously nutrition hardly figures at all in a medical education, but studies show that changes in diet can have massive health benefits. The BMJ reported that vegetarians had a 71% lower rate of Covid hospitalisation.

Research at Massachusetts General Hospital found that vegetarians live longerGut health and exercise are also factors in better Covid outcomes.

Gut health is believed to be one factor that has helped ensure a low rate of covid infection and death in Africa, despite a very low vaccination rate (only around 15%).

Aside from the money, what is it about our representatives that ensures they unreservedly support pharmacy?

The opportunity to wield power is the coveted prize of politics and the assumption of extraordinary power appears to be the hallmark of the global pandemic response.

Forgive me for thinking we have somehow time travelled back into a feudal system where we have been granted the status of indentured serfs who do not even have a right to petition the lord of the manor.

It was particularly galling this week to see that the newly elected National MP for Tauranga had a history of bullying and beating peers at school and possibly at university, but it was not surprising.

Politics seems to be very attractive to people who want to tell others what to do with impunity and punish them if they don’t comply.

All parties have been supporting and pushing the pandemic agenda.

The expectation that populations down to the last individual now need to comply unquestioningly with governments, medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and globalists seems to be the strange new world order that is being thrust upon us. But it is not working out even for them or anyone, is it?

Birds of a feather make a habit of flocking together. Healthline defines a sociopath as a person who has little regard for another person’s emotions, rights, or experiences. They lack remorse for their actions, and they act in ways that show no regard for others. If the shoe fits…

New Zealand seems unaware of how vulnerable we are to global control and hence global mistakes, deception, and exploitation. Our government seems ready to submit to a system whose hidden controllers have little concern for the interests of New Zealand citizens and little appreciation of the fact that, like arsonists, they are playing with fire.

History teaches us that apparently great and invincible civilisations can disappear within a single generation.

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