Moderna’s CMO Believes Spikes from the mRNA Vaccine Get to the Heart

19 Sep 2022

Are People Going to Accuse the Manufacturer of Spreading Misinformation?

In May 2021 I was interviewed on a radio show.

I was asked if I thought that cases of myocarditis being diagnosed in young men shortly after receipt of Moderna’s mRNA-based COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ could be linked to the jab. I stated that I did and then began talking about the scientific basis for my concerns.

In the time allotted for this interview, I could only describe one of several potential mechanisms of action that could explain harms caused to the body by mRNA vaccines. Also, I could only present a tiny fraction of the scientific basis for my concerns. As such, I published all of these details in a Parent Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination.

I am unaware of any critics having read the guide that I wrote for parents. Everyone seems to have made assumptions based on my truncated message to a lay audience.

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My life exploded into a storm of harassment, accusations, and censorship.

One of many examples of fact checkers claiming that I did not know what I was talking about, is this one from ReutersFact Check-No evidence spike proteins from COVID-19 vaccines are toxic.

An open letter was written by a large number of my colleagues at the University of Guelph, none of whom are vaccinologists. All of them accused me of spreading misinformation.

The censorship that I and many other professionals experienced was almost overwhelming and I felt compelled to let the public know how dangerous it is for honest experts to be silenced when they have genuine concerns. My comments start at about 9:15 of this video.

My career has suffered what will likely be irreparable damage. I am still not allowed to access my office or laboratory but am expected to carry on as a research-intensive faculty member from the basement of my house.

So, I experienced mixed emotions when a friend recently sent me a text message pointing me to an eye-popping interview…

A senior reporter for Yahoo Finance published an article on June 7, 2022. Here is a very notable quote taken directly from the article

Moderna’s chief medical officer Dr. Paul Burton, in a separate interview Tuesday with Yahoo Finance, said the risk of myocarditis could have to do with an interaction with the spike protein — which plays a role in the basis of all Covid vaccines — and heart muscle cells.

We know so much more about myocarditis today than we did a year agoI do believe that it is the spike protein….that either causes a little bit of direct damage to the heart, or antibodies that are produced that react with the heart cells,” Burton said.

Moderna knows so much more about the myocarditis caused by their COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ by virtue of having experimented with it for a year in the context of a global rollout.

As a viral immunologist with deep expertise in vaccinology, I was able to predict these mechanisms based on a limited array of pre-clinical data that were available almost one-and-a-half years ago. It is possible to follow the science and see where it will lead.

Every health regulatory agency should have immunologists with expertise in vaccinology and pre-clinical research methodologies. If they did, they would have been able to predict this problem well before the public rollout. They had the requisite data in hand. In contrast, I had to dig deep to obtain it.

The peer-reviewed scientific literature is also starting to confirm that the spike protein encoded by mRNA vaccines gets to unexpected and unwanted sites in the body, like the heart, where it causes myocarditis that is more severe and long-lasting than what the so-called narrative purports.

In short, likely mechanisms of COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis include:

  1. The mRNA vaccines get distributed to the heart where they program cells to manufacture and express the spike protein, thereby making the cells targets for spike-specific antibodies and T cells.
  2. Some spike proteins may get into circulation and cause direct damage to cells in the heart when they bind to the ACE-2 receptor.

I found that speaking the truth about a connection between mRNA vaccines and myocarditis and opining on the possible mechanisms of action was generally not received well 1.5 years ago.

I wonder if the naysayers will listen to the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ manufacturers as they now confirm this 1.5-year-old message.

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