How Known Risks, Safety Protocols, and Red Flags Were Suppressed Under Jacinda Ardern’s Leadership

Guy Hatchard | 28 Sep 2022

… as a global avalanche of adverse effects gathered momentum.

Three days ago Ardern spoke in New York about New Zealand’s early cooperation with the global push for universal mRNA vaccination:

“I’ve had a number of bilateral conversations. The first was with the lead of GAVI—the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation [probably its CEO Dr. Seth Berkley], the vaccine alliance in which NZ had played a key role in making sure that we had early contributions. He requested to have that meeting and it really struck me that first and foremost he wanted to thank NZ for its support but also to have a conversation around how do we make sure that we don’t lose any of the global momentum around making sure that children in particular are vaccinated.…”

Just what sort of contributions did New Zealand make? We have already discussed some of these in our article The Strange Case of the Gates Foundation, the US CDC, and Our NZ Health Data but international cooperation and national blackouts on information gathering went deeper.

At the height of the fear about Covid severity in August 2020, Ardern laid out a policy the government should be your sole source of truth. She has pursued this policy rigorously since. It is now apparent that politicians from all sides of parliament and also government advisors took this information very seriously. It turned out to be a huge mistake that isolated the whole country from the traditional processes and safeguards of scientific investigation.

Incredibly, our first hand sources indicate that politicians and some government scientists working on Covid-19 safety are still unaware of the full scope and findings of international Covid-19 publishing. They appear to have confined their assessments solely to pro-vaccine material provided by government-approved databases run by bodies like the US CDC, GAVI, and ICMRA (International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities). These bodies are supported by WHO, pharmaceutical corporations, and the Gates Foundation. They strictly control which studies are made available and how their results are interpreted.

Meanwhile our primary public health data that could provide hard information on what is actually happening here is being shared with the Global Vaccine Data Network but has not been released to the New Zealand public. Instead, the small number of people with probing questions are left with person-to-person conversations, which paint a revealing picture of state sponsored ignorance and suppression of fact. The great thing about living in a small close-knit country is that people talk to one another and little remains secret for long:

One government advisor spoken to, professed complete ignorance of key studies on natural immunity, still believing, contrary to recent research findings, that the immunity conferred by the Pfizer vaccine was superior to natural immunity after infection. They hadn’t even heard the names Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Aseem Malhotra, Vinay Prasad, etc.


Another joyous New Zealand scientist is busy sharing anti vaxxer jokes like “I’m not worried about anti vaxxers. It is a dying movement.” Apparently unaware that the all-cause death rates are higher among the vaccinated.

One of our senior scientists offered the opinion that all those experiencing cardiac problems after vaccination (and there are a great many), already had a cardiac problem and were really lucky that the vaccine brought it to light so that they could get needed treatment. We should be so lucky.

Conversely, a few people are noticing the obvious, despite the government telling them not to look around. A lawyer told me that their property team has little to do, but their estates team members are run off their feet.

A number of undertakers are doing brisk business, taking note of the predominance of vaccinated clients, and finding those rubbery clots. They are speaking up and won’t be told to keep quiet.

Some nurses are unafraid to say that myocarditis following vaccination is not mild, not uncommon, and not confined to the elderly. While a cardiac surgeon is complaining he used to work three days a week and now he has to work four days. Cancer specialists have never seen anything like it.

Some insurance brokers are also notching up unusually high numbers of health claims.

Some indispensable, highly-qualified specialists working for the health service refused to get vaccinated and the Ministry of Health allowed them exemptions. Pity if your employer doesn’t value you.

Pity also if you are a surfer or an athlete who doesn’t go out to play anymore because you can’t catch a breath, although some of them are no longer here to tell us about it. Mostly those affected don’t even realise it could be due to Covid mRNA vaccination because of government censorship.

The great secret being kept from the public: all-cause mortality is at record levels and those affected are primarily vaccinated. GVDN could tell us, but they are keeping mum.

The Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee (MAAC) approved the Pfizer vaccine in New Zealand. They certified all the ingredients as safe!!! How? What information did they use? MAAC has 12 members whose names have not been made available to the public. According to a source, one of the lead members of MAAC’s deliberations was Dr. XXX (I’m sparing her the embarrassment of being named because our government might not appreciate it). Her Linkedin profile lists her as an expert on lamb survival. Did she have sufficient qualifications and expertise to mandate the health choices of five million humans? You decide.

We have a lot of experts on cattle and sheep breeding, we don’t actually have a great many, if any, experts on biotechnology safety of an international standard. It seems curious to me that no one was tasked with locating the arguments and the research papers that ran counter to the naive assumption of vaccine safety. Why wasn’t a sub-group told to assemble concerns and then debate them with the pro-vaccine committee members? In fact, why wasn’t there any public debate? No doubt most of our ‘experts’ would look under informed and inadequate if they had to debate in an open forum.

The provisional consent for the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 vaccine was granted on 3rd February 2021 for use until 3 November 2021. It was signed off by Dr. Chris James, Group Manager of Medsafe. Conditions 53-57 of the approval required Pfizer to provide to Medsafe the results of their post-marketing adverse effect data and analysis which Pfizer finalised on 30th April 2021.

An OIA reveals that the safety report on which approval was based noted:

“The benefit risk balance of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine for…individuals 16 years of age and older, is not clear. At this stage, there is evidence only for short-term protection, and longer-term safety data are lacking. However, experience with the vaccine is accumulating rapidly. Notwithstanding uncertainties, in the light of high clinical need and the expectation of further data (including regarding duration of protection) around April 2021, a provisional consent…may be appropriate.”

So safety wasn’t clear and there was no long-term data. The April 30th Pfizer data contained disturbing information documenting an unprecedented range of adverse effects following vaccination. So why didn’t it lead to a review of the vaccine approval? And crucially, why did Ardern leverage her position as our sole source of truth and tell us again and again from the podium and via saturation government advertising that the vaccine was proven safe and effective?

Medsafe has not provided exact information as to when it first received the post-marketing adverse effect data from Pfizer, it has merely affirmed that it received it prior to 28th October 2021 on which date it renewed the provisional consent for a period of two years. It seems incredible that the arrival of the Pfizer report didn’t ring alarm bells or merit detailed discussion

The minutes of the original approval show that some of the (unnamed) scientists on the MAAC had other concerns. For example:

‘The data on long terminal half-life of the lipid nanoparticles (LNP) was considered unusual but unlikely to be a safety concern, as only two doses are intended to be administered.’

So why wasn’t the concern about LNP re-examined when the approval was renewed at the end of the October, when a third (booster) dose was already on the table? The Hatchard Report has discussed research findings of inheritable immune suppression due to LNP. No worries though.

It is hard to escape the notion that approval had become an assured rubber stamp. It is probable that the government was so committed by this stage that no other outcome would be politically acceptable. The growing international concerns about rates of myocarditis among the young would have been very unwelcome.

Further than this, it appears that national medical regulatory bodies around the world were egging each other on to make more daring and carte blanche safety claims, without adequate supporting data, and in spite of multiple safety red flags. It was like an avalanche of investors buying shares in a failing Ponzi scheme.

Now the safety bar is dropping by the week. A month ago the results from just eight mice were sufficient to get the rubber stamp for distribution of a Moderna bivalent vaccine to 171 million Americans. Igor Chudov has analysed the data. It is concerning. The results were very inconsistent among the eight ‘subjects’. Some subjects registered an effect size 73 times greater than other ‘participants’. In any case, all of the mice got Covid and we haven’t been told whether they survived. The trial failed, but the rubber was stamped. No one in the scientific establishment squeaked concern.

This is all evidence of a trend towards transhumanism—open season for genetic experiments on humans without adequate safeguards—all humans. It goes against all the current and historical safety signals.

‘Out of Touch’ Doesn’t Cover It

Read this substack by Alex Berenson which analyses data from a peer-reviewed study of 9.1 million people in the UK published in the Lancet. Ostensibly it is about the relationship between Body Mass Index and vaccine effectiveness, but it contains a mass of data which contradicts the remaining last ditch claim of vaccine advocates—Covid vaccination protects against serious infection and death. It doesn’t.

A table from the supplementary appendix 1 of the Lancet study is devastating. Like so many studies, the bad news for the vaccine is buried in supplementary material. Bear in mind this is a study on England infection data Dec 8 2020 to Nov 17 2021, so it only covers Alpha and Delta when the vaccine was supposed to be effective, unlike today’s dismal performance against Omicron. It shows that contrary to all they’ve told us before, the double vaccinated were at least 44% more likely than the unvaccinated to be infected. Covid vaccination never has protected anyone, it simply elevated risks (and that is a very mild way of putting it).

New Zealand Engineered a Vaccine Miracle. Not!

To sum up: New Zealand decided to be led by Bill Gates, big pharma, and the CDC. Ardern reciprocated, she kept the lid on scientific discussion and dutifully told the world New Zealand engineered a vaccine miracle. Our scientists and medical professionals meekly followed her lead. Perhaps they thought their time to rule had come.

In fact, our low mortality rates in 2020 were the result of closed borders and excellent contact tracing in a small, well-spaced population who were very compliant about lockdowns. When vaccines arrived in 2021 all cause mortality rose precipitously in lock step with the vaccine rollout. During 2022 all cause mortality rose further and broke records, but the data shows it wasn’t in the main due to Covid.

Ardern with the full support of the entire parliament, all our political parties, and the New Zealand scientific and medical establishment has created a well-oiled machine to suppress discussion and dissent, to label scientific concepts like ‘herd immunity’ and ‘vaccine adverse effects’ conspiracy theories.

Ardern now travels the world speaking about the benefits and necessity for internet censorship to suppress the disinformation and violent extremism (???) of anti vaxxers—ordinary concerned people who ask questions of their government and their medical professionals.

Last week at the UN General Assembly she called for

efforts to develop a new global health legal instrument, strengthened international health regulations and a strong and empowered World Health Organization”.

Is it a conspiracy? Would you like to see Ardern granted the global leadership she aspires to? You tell me.

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