Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris Backtracked on Her Previous Overwhelmingly Pro-vaccine Advice and Said Enough is Enough

Guy Hatchard | 13 Oct 2022

New Zealand’s high profile vaccinologist, vaccine advocate, an opponent of vaccine hesitancy, co-director of the Global Vaccine Data Network, Pfizer advisor, and NZ government advisor says: Don’t get another booster, she isn’t.

In an interview on 11th October with Radio New Zealand, Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris backtracked on her previous overwhelmingly pro-vaccine advice and said enough is enough.

Among the verbatim highlights of her replies on RNZ Morning Report:

On a fourth booster: “I wouldn’t be running out to get myself boosted. I don’t think it would be particularly useful. I don’t see any evidence to suggest it is going to benefit me.”

On the Moderna bivalent booster: “I think that the expectations for the new bivalent vaccines exceed the evidence. Probably not a lot [of protection against Omicron]”

Dr. Petousis-Harris is in a position to make these kinds of judgments. As co-director of the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) she heads the only organisation that has been given unique access to New Zealand’s public health data for research purposes. Is this her first comment that reflects the outcome of GVDN research? In other words, does GVDN data show that further boosters are a waste of time?

Dr. Petousis-Harris also suggested that the best immunity against Omicron you can have is a combination of vaccination and infection. Is she right?

Two large studies in Qatar of primary data reached these conclusions: A combination of no vaccination and prior infection yielded 97.3% protection against severe reinfection with no evidence of waning effectiveness.

Without the addition of Covid infection, the protection offered by two doses of mRNA vaccination is below 50% and declines within three months to 8%. At six months, protection is -18%—it predisposes you to catch Omicron. However, a combination of three mRNA shots plus prior Omicron infection yielded 90%+ durable protection against severe reinfection.

In other words, it is natural immunity resulting from prior infection that provides protection rather than mRNA vaccination which the stats show does not add any additional protection.

An article in Nature also reports “Long COVID risk falls only slightly after vaccination, huge study shows

Conversely, an unrelated study of five million clients of US Veterans Affairs health services found that for the vaccinated, reinfection resulted in more serious health outcomes than their initial infection. In other words, vaccination including boosters did not decrease the risk of reinfection among clients of US veterans health services but did increase the severity of symptoms. Nor did vaccination provide any more protection against reinfection than the unvaccinated had.

To watch a detailed discussion of the relative merits of all these studies watch this video.

How Many People Have Died or Been Severely Injured by mRNA Vaccination?

We have clearly reached a point where the ineffectiveness of mRNA vaccination boosters has been admitted by scientists here in New Zealand (and by many overseas, including Dr. Paul Offit). The really concerning feature of this apparent U-turn is the absence of any discussion of the adverse outcomes of mRNA vaccination. It is one thing to admit mRNA boosters don’t work, it is quite another to answer the question “How many people have died or been severely injured by mRNA vaccination?”

If you follow the EU sports pages like those in Euroweekly News, you will be aware that sudden deaths and cancer diagnoses among young sports people have become alarmingly common. Why?

People like Dr. Petousis-Harris would like to avoid this question at all costs because the answers coming out from Covid scientific journal publishing are not pretty. They are very concerning. Unfortunately, MSM has not yet reached the point where they can ask these kinds of questions. They too have been promoting Covid vaccination mandates and failed pandemic policies for two years, and they don’t want to admit to misinformation about public safety.

For a well-referenced up-to-date review of Covid vaccine safety read “COVID-19 vaccines – An Australian Review” published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology in September 2022.

A Tsunami of New mRNA Vaccines on the Horizon

There is another reason why big pharma, biotechnologists, vaccinologists, and epidemiologists want to stay mum on mRNA vaccine safety. They are poised to unleash a tsunami of new mRNA vaccines on an unsuspecting public. They are currently busy currying government favour around the world.

Watch Stephane Bancel CEO of Moderna offer polished reassurances to the public about mRNA vaccines, while simultaneously flattering the wondrous visionary intelligence of Australian drug regulators in approving their products. He is promising new mRNA vaccines to cure number one killers—heart disease and cancer. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t mention that Covid vaccines haven’t worked.

Six minutes into the video, he explains that Moderna plans to inject mRNA vaccines directly into the heart to ‘cure’ cardiac events. He conveniently forgets to mention that Covid mRNA vaccines have been shown to cause heart disease, and the mechanism is still unknown. The fawning Sky News interviewer lets him off scot free.

Bancel explains that people are sometimes at a disadvantage if their parents have the wrong DNA, which he expects will be cured by mRNA injections into the liver. This does not involve visionary leaps of proven technology, but daring leaps of commercial imagination. Thirty years of research in the field of inherited genetic disease has not yielded cures, but rather adverse effects and repeated setbacks.

Compare ‘Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris speaking’ with ‘Mr Bancel proselytising’. Helen Petousis-Harris knows that at some point she will have to face a public inquiry which will sift through the evidence carefully. In contrast, Mr. Bancel knows that Moderna is protected from prosecution by agreements and laws conferring freedom from legal liability.

Moderna shares jumped 11% on Wednesday following Bancel’s announcement they would make a cancer vaccine in partnership with pharmaceutical giant Merck. They have already made tens of billions in pandemic profit, and they want more. Admitting any mistake at this point will put that at risk.

So who would you trust?

If we don’t speak up now, we won’t be given any choice in the future, and we won’t be given information. That is the new normal Moderna, Pfizer, and their pharmaceutical cousins are working hard to create.

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