What’s going on with births down under in Australia?

Jessica Rose | 14 Nov 2022

The data are quite stunning.

I was watching a video on Brighteon today and an Australian MP named George Christensen was talking about dropping birth rates in Australia based on birth statistics in the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The numbers he was quoting were so crazy that I had to find the data source (tx to Joel Smalley) and reproduce the findings.

He was right.

You ready? Look at the data for the past 10 years. compared with 2021. What on earth could be CAUSING a combined 71% decrease in births from October to December? It’s been a bloody year so, can it be that the data have not been processed and entered which would mean that these are the real numbers? Really? If this is the case, then in the face of many countries reporting lower birth rates of late, I think it is vital for the data to be processed in a more expedient way.

You can go to this site to download the data yourself and have a look.

You can also calculate the mean month data for the past 10 years and plot it against 2021 like this:

I cannot explain this but it reminds me of the extreme anomaly in the U.S. VAERS database when you plot total AE counts for the past 10 years. Except, in the opposite direction and by year, as opposed to month.

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