Is RSV More Severe in Covid Vaccinated Kids Due To Destroyed Hematopoietic Stem Cells?

Igor Chudov | 19 Nov 2022

Oops, we destroyed your stem cells, sorry we did not know, never mind

We seem to have a crisis with hospitals overwhelmed with children having RSV, to a much greater extent than usual.

Desperate mothers whose kids are hospitalized report this on Twitter. They also complain that WHILE THEIR KIDS ARE BOOSTED, other parents refuse to vaccinate their children. The connection between “my 6-year-old got her Covid booster” and “my 6-year-old is in hospital with RSV” escapes their minds:

Note that the RSV virus is not exactly new. It appeared in 1956 due to an accidental lab release while “scientists” worked on monkeys to develop polio vaccines, as the Naked Emperor explained. (Note: Brian Mowrey disagrees with Naked Emperor.) RSV is everywhere. The first instance of RSV is always the worst and RSV seasons often supplied hospitals with numerous infant patients. In the past, while many kids were hospitalized, deaths were minimal at only 100-300 kids per year.

However, all indications are that the situation is much worse in 2022. Seven times greater rate of admission with RSV in 2022 compared to 2018:

Hematopoietic Stem Cells

There was an interesting article in Cell magazine showing that Covid vaccine destroys all-important hematopoietic (blood-related) stem cells responsible for the development of immunity and much more. If you want to read more about it, check out Brian Mowrey’s article too.

The article is very straightforward and shows how the vaccine takes those cells down:

Hematopoietic Stem Cells Protect from RSV!

While these hematopoietic stem cells are somewhat mysterious and have many uses, they are protective against severe outcomes in RSV, per an article published in Haematologica in 2019.

The article (a review of studies) explains, quite plainly, that patients lacking hematopoietic stem cells (and needing hematopoietic cell transplant) due to blood illnesses are at risk of much more severe RSV outcomes.

High mortality rates have been reported in HM patients and HCT [hematopoietic cell transplant] recipients with RSV infection. RSV-attributable mortality rates in HCT recipients vary between 0% in outbreak situations,48,62,67 in which some patients received reduced-intensity conditioning regimens,62 and 43% in other circumstances.5,20,22,24,25,4251 When HCT recipients develop RSV LRTI, the mortality rate can range from 21% to 83% 4,31,42,43,45,46,48,68 Of note, when HCT recipients with RSV infections were classified into those with possible RSV LRTI (only radiological evidence of chest abnormalities and negative or no bronchoscopy data) or proven RSV LRTI (RSV detected in the lower respiratory tract),31 the mortality rate increased from 0% to 26%, respectively.31

Here’s another article showing how spike protein damages hematopoietic stem cells:

None of this matters to the crazy vaccine peddlers.

Here we have boosted kids and infants born to boosted mothers and having a profound lack of hematopoietic cells and filling up hospitals with severe RSV.

This even showed up in Covid vaccine clinical trials! What my article is suggesting is the potential mechanism for why it happens and explains the extra severity.

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What have we done? Should we have tested Covid vaccines on more rats before experimenting on 2 billion people and infants?

And from whom will we get “hematopoietic stem cell transplants” for those kids?

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