Unfounded Prejudice is Gripping the Nation. Misleading Government Publicity is to Blame

Guy Hatchard | 30 Nov 2022

Baby Will: I am not sure how much more I can add to the debate about the case of baby Will except to say that the situation has turned nasty.

Here are two sincere parents who have already been traumatised by the heart condition of their four month old which necessitates an operation. They would like unvaccinated blood to be used, and they arranged for matching donors.

But the surgeon and the New Zealand health system have refused this easy option. Instead, they decided to go for the jugular. They are seeking custody of the child to enforce the use of blood from the public blood bank. They are refusing to admit that studies finding persistence of spike protein indicate any risk. An extreme position. It is of note, as we have previously written that even pro-vaccine advocates overseas are admitting the existence of novel blood clots, (whilst arguing implausibly that their causes are unknown).

Unvaccinated to Exclusively and Compulsorily Receive Vaccinated Blood Transfusions

For two years now, vaccine advocates have been asking for separation between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Expressing a deep (yet unfounded) fear of the unvaccinated. Even seeking to avoid breathing the same air. This has been encouraged by government publicity. Now they want the unvaccinated to exclusively and compulsorily receive vaccinated blood transfusions.

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Both national dailies have decided to demonise the parents, abandoning all semblance of humane compassion. There can’t be any greater condemnation of the effect of vaccination. Apparently, it makes people angry and uncaring.

At a time when the parents deserve understanding and support, all semblance of recognition of the provision of medical choice in the New Zealand Bill of Rights has been abandoned. Medical choice is off the table and it is open season for vicious attacks on the unvaccinated.

The uneducated hysteria involved is frankly frightening. Instead of listening to government inspired rants, read the studies published in international journals. There is a gulf widening between government messaging and the content of Covid science journal publishing. mRNA vaccination poses definable and significant risks for health. These are not small. To people keeping up with the science, they are very concerning.

Baby Will has a heart condition. It is admitted by our government that heart inflammation—myopericarditis—is a risk of vaccination. It is admitted that some studies indicate persistence of spike protein in the blood. So why on earth would the government insist there is no risk? This is further evidence of a bunker mentality and a hint of madness.

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