Matt Shelton, a Covid Hero of New Zealand

Igor Chudov | 6 Dec 2022

Matt Lost Everything — But Fulfilled his Duty to Warn His Patients

This story is about just one person. My dog (I no longer have a Twitter account, and Twitter has not yet amnestied me) posted a lengthy Twitter thread about Matt Shelton of NZ.

Matt Shelton is a New Zealand doctor who warned his 600 patients about the Covid vaccine. He lost everything – his license, his practice, his income, his savings – except for his conscience and his sense of purpose.

What follows is a series of tweets, with pictures and links to newspaper stories, about what happened to Matt and New Zealand. The tweets also explain how New Zealand is hiding the true impact of Covid, just like the USA and China are doing, and how Jacinda Ardern is trying to cover up her Covid crimes and wants to “move on” without reckoning.

Matt is a hero, and he needs to be thanked and celebrated.

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