Vaccine ‘exposure’ during pregnancy…

Jessica Rose | 13 Dec 2022

I decided to pull out all of the ‘exposure’ adverse event reports in VAERS. These reports include the MedDRA PT codes: ‘Accidental exposure to product’, ‘Maternal exposure during pregnancy’, ‘Exposure during pregnancy’, ‘Maternal exposure before pregnancy’ and ‘Exposure via skin contact’ as examples. It is important that I reiterate here that as part of the exclusion criteria in the original Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials that it was vital to avoid ‘exposure’ to these products under certain specific conditions, such as pregnancy. Here is an example of the inclusion criteria (meaning who can be included) as per the Pfizer protocol (C4591001).

Figure 1: Pfizer protocol (C4591001) contraceptive guidance with regard to inclusion criteria. Page 213.

When they wrote this, they were either going on the exclusion criteria as per the criteria based on historically defined criteria, and/or they knew that there was a particular risk with these products based on previously acquired data.1

There are 16,093 adverse event reports in VAERS as of December 9th, 2022 with an association with ‘exposure’.

Figure 2: VAERS reports including ‘exposure’ as a keyword as of December 9, 2022.

These reports include ‘Exposure to SARS-CoV-2’ and nondescript reports of ‘Accidental exposure to product’. When these SARS-related and nondescript reports are siphoned off the exposure list, we are left with 1,981 reports of exposure in the context of pregnancy.

Figure 3: VAERS reports including ‘exposure’ as a keyword in the context of pregnancy as of December 9, 2022.

Of these 1,981 women with reports of exposure prior or during their pregnancies, 49.7% reported having experienced a miscarriage.

Of these same women (who were exposed to the COVID-19 injectable products prior or during pregnancy), 4% reported having delivered their babies, but of this subpopulation of women, 42.5% reported premature deliveries.

Please be warned, the text in the grey box will be hard to read for most of you.

Figure 4: VAERS reports of exposure during pregnancy with highlighted report of premature delivery and subsequent loss of twin babies as of December 9, 2022.
.Figure 5: VAERS reports of exposure during pregnancy with highlighted report of premature delivery of ‘lost’ baby as of December 9, 2022.

There are more horror stories in VAERS – meant to simply be SYMPTOM_TEXT data – but I will refrain from posting more here. It’s very sad.

None of this is normal in my eyes. It is an entirely preventable tragedy. These women might never recover from this horror: neither mentally, nor physically.

This COVID-19-free-for-all-under-the-guise-of-an-emergency-one-track injection roll-out needs to be investigated to the full extent of the law. The entire thing. From start to finish. God willing. Pregnant women have ALWAYS been excluded from medical experimentation in the context of clinical trials and I would presume, EUA products. Not a single entity or person promoting these injections as ‘safe’ for use during pregnancy are sitting on reliable, long-term data. You know how I know that? Because THERE ISN’T ANY RELIABLE LONG-TERM DATA.

What there is, however, are hordes of women experiencing tragedies and a total lack of media coverage. This should be, and historically would have been, front page news because, hey, it’s nice to care about others.

The medical professionals turning away from reporting and investigating are complicit. Thank you to the medical professionals who at least reported these adverse events to VAERS.


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