New Israeli Data: No Known Covid Deaths in Healthy People Under 50

Rav Avora | 28 May 2023

Earlier this week, a stunning revelation came from the Israel Ministry of Health. For those who have been following the truth from the start — such as Dr. Makary, Dr. Bhattacharya, Dr. Kuldorff, and others — this will hardly come as a surprise. However, those who have been living in the fear-driven hallucination created by mainstream media and public health authorities, this will crumble the foundation of their Covid beliefs.

In response to Ori Xabi’s freedom of information request asking how many people under 50 died of Covid without any underlying health conditions, the Israel Ministry of Health responded with the following:

“Of the deceased from Corona for whom an epidemiological investigation was conducted and the question regarding underlying diseases was answered, there were 0 deceased between the ages of 18-49 without underlying diseases.”

(Note: translation of Israeli document can be derived from Google Translate. Also shared by Twitter user Ofir Prizat as copied below.)


Yes, the Ministry of Health could not detect a single recorded case of a healthy person under 50 who died of Covid. This does not mean it has never happened (there are rare anomalies), but in their extensive epidemiological investigation, they could not find a single such Covid death.

After all the online buzz, the Ministry attempted to undermine and discredit this new finding by claiming the absence of comorbidity information in their databases. However, as Dr. Retesef Levi shared, earlier reports from their own ministry have shown all Covid deaths have been associated with at least one comorbidity:


A Google-translated version of the highlighted section in this report reveals this stunning admission:

The Ministry of Health data shows that all those who died from Corona suffered from at least one underlying disease. That is, there were no deceased who did not suffer from underlying diseases at all.

As mentioned, none of this is surprising to those who have been tracking the data from the start. Stanford epidemiologist Dr. John Ionnadis’ analysis of the pre-vaccination Covid infection fatality rates found a median infection fatality rate (IFR) of 0.035% for those aged 0-59, who represent 86% of the global population. The age-stratified risks are as follows:

Ages 0-19: fatality rate 0.0003%; survival rate 99.9997%

Ages 20-29: fatality rate 0.003%; survival rate 99.997%

Ages 30-39: fatality rate 0.011%; survival rate 99.989%

Ages 40-49: fatality rate 0.035%; survival rate 99.965%

These rates are exceptionally low, but even they can inflate the real risk of Covid for the vast majority of individuals. One must ask, who is in the fractional subset of 0.035% who died of Covid before vaccines became available?

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A bizarre level of confusion surrounds this issue, since umpteen public health “experts” have continually alarmed healthy citizens of the grave risk of Covid they face. In one of many examples I posed to Dr. Peter Hotez about Covid risk in young, healthy people, he warns me of the serious risk of death in my age cohort (healthy men in their 20s):

Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD @PeterHotez

@Ravarora1 Likely young people die everyday from Covid, but remember the goals of immunization: it’s to prevent severe illness, which leads to hospitalization and creates higher risk for longCovid. Listen to my recent podcast with @CrookedMedia @brianbeutler9:27 AM ∙ Sep 19, 202298Likes6Retweets

The new Israeli data aligns with an in-depth Italian study published last year, finding over two-thirds of deceased Covid patients had three or more comorbidities. Another 18% had two comorbidities. A mere 3% of deceased Covid patients had no underlying health conditions. What percentage of those in the three-precent minority were incidental (i.e died of other causes but tested positive for Covid) remains unknown.

As per the CDC’s own (albeit exaggerated and flawed) data, just over 5% of U.S Covid deaths had no other cause listed on the death certificate. For the overwhelming majority of deaths where other health conditions were a major contributor, there were an average of 4 comorbidities.

In terms of hospitalisations, the data is similar: another CDC study showed 95% of those hospitalised with Covid had at least one pre-existing health condition.

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In response to such data, one might ask the following: if relatively low-risk, healthy people comprise the majority of the population, why were hospitals so overwhelmed with patients suffering from Covid (on top of other conditions) throughout the pandemic?

Well, in the United States — where sensationalist Covid media coverage was most amplified — poor health is a norm more than ever and obesity, the leading risk factor for severe Covid, is rampant.

The obesity rate in the United States is a whopping 42%. What’s more, just under 10% of the population is estimated to have “severe obesity” — people who are so obese, they are physically disabled, have a difficult time getting up and moving, and are suffering from a host of other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and coronary artery disease.

Right there, that’s 32 million.

Yes, 32 million Americans who are severely obese and physically ill in many other ways. That is no small number.

Specific data on obesity and Covid risk illustrates the robust connection. In March of 2021, the CDC reported 78% of people hospitalized with Covid were obese or overweight.

And this is not even to mention the elderly population — obese or not — who are also at a relatively high risk of Covid death. To illustrate the disproportionate risk the elderly face, consider the following fact: the average age of Covid death is higher than the life expectancy in many countries (example: UK data).

The new Israeli FOIA request also contained other revelations, such as the average age of vaccinated Israelis who died of Covid is 80.2, meanwhile the average age of unvaccinated Israelis who died of Covid is 77.4. This difference is statistically insignificant, but it is worth highlighting it is close to the life expectancy in Israel (82.7).

This new Israeli data — in congruence with all prior findings — is the greatest indictment of coercive mRNA vaccine campaigns across the world. Countries such as Austria, Greece, Italy attempted to punish its unvaccinated citizens with financial penalties up to $4,000. Canada took away the constitutional rights of travel and mobility of healthy, young unvaccinated citizens like myself (we couldn’t even leave the country).

Meanwhile, the U.S only this month finally terminated its unscientific, draconian federal vaccine mandate which barred unvaccinated foreigners from entering the country.

All for what?

A disease that primarily inflicts the elderly, obese, and immunocompromised?

I spoke to MIT professor Dr. Retsef Levi, who has been tracking the Israeli data for years now, about the implications of this new data for public policy:

The Ministry of Health in Israel has used false public messaging aiming at creating a scare around the risk from COVID-19 to young people and children in order to justify vaccine passports and mandates, repeated vaccine boosters, isolation of unvaccinated children and other extreme policies.

Time is naturally vindicating.

In the age of a free internet with vast access to diverse information — despite the authoritarians’ increasing attempt to censor — political gaslighting of the public cannot be eternally sustained. The institutionally obscured reality of Covid continues to unfold and reveal itself to the public.

What new data will we uncover next?

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